Our Supreme Court in Far More Danger Than Previously Realized

The leak of the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) draft decision appearing to overturn Roe v. Wade was a dark moment in our history. SCOTUS is a crucial part of our three-branch American governmental system.

If SCOTUS folds, this republic enters a crisis it has never seen before. Even during world wars and revolutions, we’ve always maintained the security of our judicial branch and law and order.

Yet, the left has been unable to accept it doesn’t control every branch of our government and some individuals with power have different views than their favorite celebrities and politicians.

Now, new information is coming to light about just how much danger SCOTUS is in.

Red Alert For All Patriots

The recent arrest of a California man called Nicholas Roske outside the home of SCOTUS Justice Brett Kavanaugh is a red alert for all patriots.

Roske said he planned to harm Kavanaugh and possibly his wife and daughters. He had a weapon, duct tape and handcuffs, as well as padded shoes to silently infiltrate Kavanaugh’s residence.

The address of Kavanaugh was published along with other sensitive SCOTUS info by a pro-abortion group called “Ruth Sent Us.” They put it on TikTok and later denied Roske had used their information, saying he must have seen it elsewhere.

It seems most likely Roske pieced it together from Google Street Maps and information he somehow accessed online, possibly through Ruth Sent Us.

Our liberal media has been excusing the ongoing protests outside Kavanaugh’s house and didn’t stop their cheering, even after Roske’s arrest. What this is all leading up to is inevitable and deep in our bones we all know it.

In order to understand what may soon happen we need to travel back a bit to late 2018 when Kavanaugh was in confirmation hearings to take his seat on SCOTUS.

Flashback to 2018

In late 2018, rape allegations with no proof or consistency were lodged against Kavanaugh by a woman called Christine Blasey-Ford.

Her testimony fell down immediately under questioning as Kavanaugh defended his honor in humiliation from the false leftist attacks.

He was falsely labelled a predator, rapist, alcoholic, and misogynist but withstood the attacks for the good of the nation to take his seat on SCOTUS.

While this was going on, leftists protested against Kavanaugh outside SCOTUS, furious that he wasn’t giving in to their bullying.

They pounded on the doors, howled like banshees and held up various signs supporting abortion, calling for gun confiscations, and talking about their groundless belief that Kavanaugh hated gays.

What’s Coming Next?

What’s coming next is clear to anyone paying attention: a January 6 moment at SCOTUS, but 100 times worse and fully cheerlead by our demonic left-wing media.

Or, and this is even worse to contemplate, a leftist assassin taking out one of our justices and being covered up for and justified by our liberal media in order to make sure abortion stays.