PayPal Backs Down After Being Busted for Censorship

Paypal is an online money transfer service founded in 1988 by Peter Thiel and Max Levchin. Its revenue last year was $25.3 billion.

The company is used by people here in America and around the world to send and receive money for their businesses or personal financial needs.

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Though several days ago there was widespread shock as PayPal’s newly updated TOS (Terms of Service) said users who spread “misinformation” that PayPal considers misleading or hateful will be fined $2,500 per infraction.

Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire put out a story that gained a lot of attention and PayPal didn’t like it. Now, they are announcing the new TOS portions were a mistake.

PayPal Backs Down

The new TOS said as of Nov. 3, PayPal would have been able to fine users $2,500 per infraction straight out of their accounts if they spread misinformation online. This sounds like something out of Communist China.

According to PayPal, any users who spread “intolerance” that they decided crossed the line could be fined $2,500.

This included views about gender, religion, race, or ideology that PayPal’s censors did not agree with or found offensive. The money could be taken directly from accounts in a debited transaction, if PayPal decided to do so.

Users began closing their accounts to such an extent that PayPal stopped functioning for account closures yesterday, which is when the company thought twice about being the woke police.

PayPal Backs Down

As people began closing accounts and publicizing the new TOS, PayPal became more and more worried.

Their rules are still very vague. Their definition of “hate” remains for them to decide on, but the expanded rules allowing them to shut anyone down or delay payments based on “misinformation” is now nowhere to be found.

Now, PayPal is saying the part about closing your account down for “misinformation” was “incorrect” and should not have been part of their “policy.” The company also apologized for the “confusion” of it being included.

It’s obvious the pushback surprised them and the platform expected people to take this lying down. When the Daily Wire contacted them for comment, the platform had nothing to say.

When people started closing accounts and publicizing them as part of the pink police state, they began getting very worried indeed.

Then, they went right back on what they were trying to do and got rid of the policy, likely realizing it would be a minefield of legal liability to close accounts, based on their determination of how your words might have hurt someone else’s “well-being.”

The Bottom Line

Never believe that your words and actions don’t make a difference. They do and woke corporations are watching. If you don’t give them any ground, they will back off and stop violating so many rights.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.