Pelosi Completely Ignores Trump’s Contributions

During her farewell speech to Congress which was held this Thursday, Nancy Pelosi spoke highly of several previous US leaders, including Bush, Obama, and even current President Joe Biden. Yet, Pelosi didn’t bother mentioning Trump.

The iconic (and controversial) Democrat mentioned she was honored to have been able to serve alongside Bush and Obama. Pelosi stated while she does plan on staying in Congress, she will no longer be seeking leadership in the Democratic caucus.

Pelosi completely ignores Trump’s contributions to the US

She mentioned several major accomplishments that the three presidents have made; albeit the least important ones were related to Biden, whose only real success was his putting the US on the path of disaster.

Soon after her speech was done, Biden released a statement of his own, thanking Pelosi for the praise in her speech. He even reportedly called her on Thursday morning to thank her personally.

In the statement, Biden wrote that he feels Pelosi will go down in history as one of the most consequential speakers of the House of Representatives in history.

This is quite the bold claim, considering all she’s done in the past six years was push a liberal agenda and oppose the Trump administration vehemently.

While Pelosi did serve in Congress for the past 35 years, it is by no means indicative of her ability. Joe’s remarks are nothing more than a sad attempt at regaining the trust of the average Democrat that looked up to her.

Trump and Pelosi remain on terrible terms

If we look back at Pelosi during the Trump era, she was never on board with Trump’s agenda. Pelosi was even once seen ripping up several sheets of paper containing the president’s speech right behind his back.

There wasn’t a moment during Trump’s time in office that Pelosi and he were on good terms.

This transpired into the Biden era as well, with Pelosi showing major disdain for all of the former president’s actions; whereas he showed no sympathy for her and her family after the recent attack on her husband.

It’s more than likely that Pelosi is aware of what’s in store for 2024. With Trump on the as a 2024 candidate, there’d be no place for her as a Speaker in the House of Representatives.

Even though Trump did finally announce the start of his presidential campaign for 2024, it’s still anyone’s game. The possibility of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis running for the position is still up in the air.

Of course, DeSantis would enter the primary as the underdog, even with his current support, which is upwards of 25%. He would have to overcome Trump in order to win the GOP nomination.

The two are the only relevant candidates in the GOP; whereas it’s still unknown who the Democrats will have on the ballot. Although if it’s Biden, victory is already secured for the Republicans.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.