Pennsylvania Could Lose 33K Nursing Home Staff Because of Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

Getting the COVID-19 vaccine should be a choice; it is an infringement on rights to force people to take vaccines they do not want. Clown-in-chief Biden doesn’t think so, as he has mandated all federal workers, healthcare workers, and large employers to take a mandatory vaccine.

As if that’s not enough, Biden directed that any of these people who refuse to take the vaccine no longer have jobs. It is not news that nursing homes have had a staffing crisis for a long time.

Pennsylvania, especially, has had the staffing crisis for close to a decade. Aside from Biden’s mandate affecting millions in the American workforce, thousands of caregivers will be put out of work if they do not follow this mandate.

The Impact of the Absurd Mandate on the Nursing Home Workforce

CEO of the Pennsylvania Health Care Association, Zach Shamberg, told The Epoch Times in an interview the mandate will affect many nursing home workers. First, nursing homes are short-staffed, as the sector has found it hard to recruit workers for a long time.

Shamberg revealed that about 35 percent of the nursing home workforce in Pennsylvania are unvaccinated. This figure rounds up to 33,000 workers who would lose their jobs if they don’t get the vaccine.

These figures are only for nursing home workers. Imagine the thousands that work in personal care homes, doctor’s offices, and hospitals. The Biden administration threatened to withhold state and federal funding if they don’t terminate employees that won’t take the jab.

Shamberg stated that without this funding, the nursing homes would be losing 80% of their money. The nursing home industry has no choice but to terminate employees if they want to continue getting the needed funding.

It is clear Biden doesn’t care about these essential workers. Even worse, he doesn’t care about the elderly that need the services of the staff at the nursing homes. Biden wants to cut down the workforce of an already understaffed industry. The consequences will be dire, as nursing homes will be forced to shut down without funding or inadequate staff.

Nursing Homes Can’t Survive Losing 10 Employees, Let Alone 30,000

If Biden thinks the best thing to do is to force everyone to take the jab, then he is mistaken. In the first place, nursing homes in Pennsylvania are already short-staffed.

A 2019 report by the auditor general at the time predicted there would be an explosion of the senior citizen population. The report also looked into an ongoing shortage of workforce in healthcare.

According to the report, there’s a probability Pennsylvania will have a shortage of over 4,000 registered nurses by 2030 as new jobs are created and some nurses retire. Besides, the demanding work and the unattractive salaries are barriers to getting the needed workers in the industry.

Shamberg said the coronavirus already made many workers leave out of fear. He added that the present workforce is already burning out from the workload. With this, the industry cannot afford to lose one worker, not to talk of 33,000.

Unless Biden doesn’t want the senior citizens in nursing homes to get the care they need, he needs to stop this vaccine mandate, as the industry is already going through enough.