Pennsylvania University Nominates Lia Thomas For Woman of the Year

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Despite many sports associations’ efforts to remove trans athletes from women’s competitions in order to level the playing field for biological females, the left has pressed on, nominating yet another biological male for the Woman of the Year award.

The “woman” in question, this time, is Lia Thomas.

Thomas is the infamous trans athlete who rose through the ranks of elite female swimming competitions right after transitioning, a feat he couldn’t have achieved in the category for his default gender.

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UPENN feeds into lib propaganda, nominates trans female

This Thursday, the National Collegiate Athletic Association reported that due to Thomas being the first trans athlete to win the NCAA Division I Championship, the University of Pennsylvania deemed him worthy of the nomination for the prestigious award.

This came much to the dismay of the dozens of women who deserved it more than he ever will.

The award itself originates from 1991. Its purpose is to recognize and celebrate the success of female athletes who managed to secure a distinguished spot in their communities, be it through athletic achievements or academic ones throughout their college years.

Conversely, 2022 is the 50th anniversary of Title IX.

It’s likely the NCAA award program is looking to rake in the publicity that comes with anything even remotely related to the transgender population.

What’s more, an article from the NY Daily News explained that every eligible university gets the opportunity to submit the names of up to two nominees.

That means UPENN thought of all their successful female athletes, the one worthy of a prize intended for women is the man who chose to take advantage of his biological traits.

More fallout from the nomination

The director of the Independent Women’s Law Center, Jennifer C. Braceras, took to her Twitter account to voice her displeasure with the university’s decision, stating today is a sad day for alumni female athletes at UPENN.

She added that due to UPENN’s decision, a woman more deserving of the award was deprived of this great honor, urging her following to boycott the decision in order to preserve the female identity of all women, not just university athletes.

Naturally, Twitter was divided on the matter.

Just about every “woke” peddler on the platform crawled out of their crevasse to criticize Braceras, calling her a bigot and chanting the standard anti-TERF narrative that the trans community has grown ever so fond of.

In the end, no matter what anyone, including Lia Thomas, may say, the advantage trans female athletes have over biological females is too great to be overlooked.

It should prompt, at the very least, the creation of a separate category in sports for this small portion of the population.

With this in mind though, even that may be unnecessary, considering the trans community makes up less than 0.007% of the overall US population, let alone the athlete population.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.