Pentagon: Afghan Terror Attack was Unpreventable

According to the Pentagon’s findings, a suicide explosion in Kabul, Afghanistan that brutally murdered 13 U.S. service members and over 170 locals during a frantic retreat near the U.S. embassy in August was not avoidable. 

Necessary Procedures were Followed

In a press briefing on Friday, General Lance Curtis stated it was not foreseeable, based on his assessment at the technical level.

The investigation discovered the terrorist was in possession of 20 pounds of explosives loaded with ball bearings; contrary to original speculation, the attack was a singular incident.

The gunfire initially assumed to be a part of the attack was later discovered to be cautionary shots fired by British or American forces. 

It was announced that ISIS was responsible for the attack on Aug. 26, which resulted in the deaths of 11 United States Marines, one sailor, and a soldier. This happened when service members were helping in the evacuation of hundreds of Afghans.

These Afghans collected at Abbey Gate in the hopes of escaping from Afghanistan as the Taliban approached, ahead of the United States’ withdrawal from the war-ravaged country. 

According to the data collected and analyzed, the terrorist slipped past security checks; meanwhile, the Taliban was most likely unaware of the attack, and there was no particular intelligence about the threat in the first place.

Because the bomb was so devastating, even individuals wearing a vest and helmets were killed. Ball bearings caused wounds that seemed to be the results of bullets.

As evidenced by the 58 U.S. service members killed or injured, despite the widespread use of body armor and helmets that stopped ball bearings from striking them, this device’s disturbing lethality was confirmed by General Frank McKenzie, commander of the United States Central Command. 

As residents evacuated the area, Marines and others stepped in to remove individuals who had been caught in the blast, according to the accompanying video. 

Officials highlighted the forces were undertaking a hazardous mission. They attempted to evacuate what would eventually amount to approximately 126,000 people from the beleaguered country. 

A Study by Republicans

The Pentagon’s report comes just a few days after a new study by Republicans on the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations blasted the Biden government for its handling of the panic-stricken withdrawal.

This included the decision to give up Bagram Air Base, as well as its handling of the withdrawal in general.

The report’s conclusion states the following, “It is clear that senior leadership within the Biden administration failed to properly organize, coordinate, and execute an orderly departure from Afghanistan.”

“The Biden administration lost valuable time while disregarding intel and suggestions from troops on the ground. It also refused to accept bipartisan backing that would have provided them with the resources they needed to succeed.”

“During the process, America’s reputation and credibility have been damaged as a result of the bungled withdrawal.”


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