Pfizer Scientists Say Natural Antibodies are Probably Better Than the Vaccine

In more unsurprising news, some Pfizer scientists have said our natural antibodies are probably better than the vaccine.

In an undercover video released by Project Veritas, we could see three Pfizer scientists agreeing the body’s naturally acquired immunity is better than the coronavirus vaccine.

They also didn’t stop there, as they spoke about the morality of working with for Big Pharma via Pfizer.

The Scientists’ Discussion

After watching the 10-minute-long video Veritas released, we were in no way shocked by what the Pfizer scientists said.

We could see a man identified as Nick Karl explaining that upon recovering from COVID, the antibodies are most likely better at that point than when the vaccine is taken.

The biochemist further went on to say someone with natural immunity to the virus has more of a defense against COVID.

Nick Karl also continued to explain that when someone gets the virus, the body immediately starts producing antibodies against different pieces of the virus. The vaccine, on the other hand, doesn’t act this way.

Chris Croce, senior associate scientist at Pfizer, agreed with Karl’s statement when the undercover investigator quizzed further. The investigator asked if the protection she gets after recovering from COVID is as much as the vaccine provides.

Chris Croce replied that she probably has more. He further explained she is protected longer than she would be with a vaccine, since it was a natural response.

Another Pfizer scientist made shocking revelations about what Big Pharma is telling its employees. He said even when natural immunity is better, they have hours of meetings telling them not to reveal the message in public.

He said they’ve been taught and bred to say that the vaccine is safer than developing natural immunity through getting COVID.

Pharmaceutical Companies Only Care About the Money

Companies like Pfizer that produce these vaccines will never tell the truth about how naturally built immunity is better. Instead, they consistently tell us that taking the vaccine is the only way.

We can’t blame them, can we, since they are in the business of making money? Interestingly, Mr. Croce said he feels like he’s working with an evil corporation now because all that matters in the long run for Pfizer is the profit.

He added that Pfizer is basically being run on COVID money now. If you thought Croce was done, then you must be mistaken, as he also went for Biden’s insane COVID mandate.

He said the mandate is leaving people with almost no choice but to take the vaccine. Croce opined that it is violating people’s freedom.

Why are They Lying to Millions of People?

For Big Pharma, the truth doesn’t matter. The most important thing for them is profit. However, what does the Biden administration stand to gain by lying to millions of Americans and forcing the vaccine on almost everybody?

Scientists already say antibodies work better against COVID than vaccines, but Biden still believes the vaccine is the way.

Interestingly, according to a peer-reviewed study that was published on Monday in Lancet, the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine against future infections dropped to 47% from 88% after six months. This confirms the efficacy of the vaccine isn’t reliable.