Podcast Host Joe Rogan Stabs Trump in Back

Podcast host Joe Rogan has the top broadcast in the world, which makes him a popular option for politicians, celebrities, and others looking to boost their profile.

During the COVID pandemic, Rogan became a top target of the left and the Biden regime after he allowed criticism of the vaccines and treated his own COVID with other alternatives.

He was blasted by the liberal media as a lunatic extremist and conspiracy theorist. He was accused of being a far-right troll and agent of deadly disinformation.

However, amid all the noise, many people of all political beliefs forgot the simple fact that Rogan is basically a left-leaning libertarian. He’s never claimed to be anything else, except for a conservative streak when it comes to free speech and personal choice.

Now, Rogan is showing his true colors with an angry denunciation of President Trump.

Rogan Trashes Trump

Rogan has said he will be voting for Ron DeSantis, because of the Florida governor’s support for freedom. We’ve seen other liberals like Tesla CEO Elon Musk also cross party lines in order to start voting Republican.

Though Rogan’s never actually been a Trump supporter.

He’s called out some of the misinformation and lies from the left about Trump and his supporters, but somewhere along the line, many seem to have missed that Rogan himself never said he was a Trump supporter.

In fact, he strongly dislikes Trump. Speaking on the Lex Fridman show, Rogan was challenged about why he hasn’t invited Trump on. How would it be worse than having on someone like Kanye West or any other controversial person?

Rogan said he disagrees, since Kanye hasn’t held executive power and can’t change laws. Rogan said Trump is an “existential threat” to the future of the country and he’s not interested in helping him amplify his divisive message.

Rogan’s Reasoning

Rogan’s reasoning is basically that Trump is a troll and he doesn’t want to host him and make more useless controversies. However, he’s hosted people like Alex Jones and others who are far more incendiary than Trump.

Rogan is in a position where he can afford to lose fans. He doesn’t really care if some Trump supporters get angry and stop listening to him.

However, his reasoning shows a real lack of judgment and understanding about where America’s at.

He thinks Trump is the big threat we’re dealing with here? Has Rogan been closing his eyes to what’s been going on or is he too busy hiding in his gated community to care about what’s happening?

Trump Responds

In an enraged response, Trump said Rogan’s claim that he’d refused to have Trump on before is untrue. In fact, Trump says it was him who said no to Rogan.

As Trump said, Rogan would be “lucky” to have him on. It’s a big step up for a drug-addled podcaster to have a POTUS on your show, after all.