Mike Pompeo Unhappy with Biden Over Foreign Policy

In an interview with Fox News, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo expressed his displeasure with Joe Biden’s foreign policy. He said Biden doesn’t understand the consequences his policies have on the global stage.

Pompeo specifically described the president doesn’t understand the reality of good versus evil.

An Obvious Shift From Trump’s Policies

Pompeo said Biden is making decisions that jeopardize the world. He explained global allies and partners of America are getting worried about the country’s stance in the world.

Pompeo further went on to say he believes the world is worried and paranoid that America is leaving the international stage during Biden’s first nine months in charge.

The former secretary of state analyzed some of Biden’s foreign policies. He said the complete withdrawal of America’s military assets from Afghanistan was particularly worrying.

He noted the action led to the Taliban taking over the country. Pompeo didn’t end there, as he also talked about Biden’s negotiations with Iran and a potential re-entry into the JCPOA Nuclear Deal.

Pompeo was very critical of how the US left Afghanistan. He said the Biden administration should have considered the implications of leaving the country. Pompeo declared America should have only left Afghanistan after ensuring the conditions were right; failure to do that will diminish the United States.

Biden Handling of Allies and ‘Foes’

Pompeo blasted Biden on how he handled the country’s allies and adversaries. He said Biden needs to make it clear that America is an indestructible ally of Israel.

Failure to do so will make the Iranians supply rockets to Hamas. By doing so, Hamas will be able to fire rockets into the state of Israel.

Aside from that, Biden needs to understand American energy is a vital national security tool. Pompei said it is upsetting that Biden shut American energy down and gave the Russians access to European markets.

By giving an adversary of the country such access, Biden has put America at significant risk. Pompeo further added the facts about Biden’s policies are clear and they are putting the country and world in danger.

He noted it was different under Trump, as the former president was passionate about using the country’s powers as a tool for good in the world.

Biden’s Disastrous Withdrawal from Afghanistan

The former Secretary of State wasn’t done talking about Afghanistan, as he berated Biden’s decision. He said the president committed the greatest mistake during the withdrawal. The president should not have set an absolute deadline for evacuation.

Biden publicly committed to withdrawing all the country’s assets from Afghanistan by August 31. By doing so, the bad guys knew they had the liberty to push around America.

Pompeo noted the Taliban also tried to push America under Donald Trump, but they were crushed immediately. He said the Biden administration is lying that everything happened in 11 days.

Pompeo said he is certain the Taliban have been advancing on capitals across Afghanistan for weeks, due to Biden’s unconditional evacuation deadline.