Pompeo: Without Robust US Action, China Won’t Do Anything About Russia

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo commented if international leaders want to end Russia’s conflict in Ukraine, China should pay the same price.

Pompeo stated on Tuesday the US must seek a comprehensive energy embargo on Russia from allies, including China.

Washington should be ready to respond if Chinese President Xi Jinping tries to provide Russian President Vladimir Putin with a financial lifeline.

Extra Steps

A former Trump administration official said a western boycott of Russia would not be enough to punish Moscow for its horrific attack on Ukraine.

Pompeo said if other countries don’t comply freely, the US must be ready to penalize their economies, a stance the Biden administration has yet to endorse.


Sanctions have been the preferred national security strategy, amid Russia’s military attack on Ukraine, as the US and transatlantic leaders seek to punish Moscow economically.

Even though Russia and China formed a “no limits” partnership just before the invasion, the western policy might not be as effective as it would be if they didn’t.

At a bipartisan gathering for the Coalition for a Prosperous America, Pompeo made the remarks before urging a rebalancing of US-China ties.

Pompeo slammed America’s hesitation to terminate economic relations with China, despite Beijing’s refusal to denounce the horrors that have been revealed as Russian soldiers retreat from Ukrainian towns.

New Sanctions

Biden and other Trans-Atlantic leaders imposed new sanctions on Russia on Wednesday. In the face of what looked like many people getting killed when Russia left, Beijing hasn’t blamed Russia.

The Chinese ambassador to the UN, Zhang Jun, called for a probe into the “deeply disturbing” deaths, but did not accuse Russia.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken noted last month, “China is now on the losing side of history.”

Pompeo downplayed China’s assistance. Pompeo later accused Beijing of “funding” Russia’s regime “while it murders Ukrainian children.”

Last month, US intelligence said Beijing agreed to help Moscow get weapons, surveillance technology, and field supplies.

Nonetheless, the former secretary of state declared Biden was correct to speak with Xi last month during a nearly two-hour phone chat. This is “the repercussions of certain actions,” an administration official said.

Speaking is never a mistake, but the US should not rely just on words. In response to the possibility of US sanctions, Xi warned Biden of supply chain disruptions if the situation escalated.

The Chinese leader seemed to think that attacking Russia’s business partners might have economic consequences.

Many corporate executives and legislators who have encouraged the US to move its distribution networks away from China already heeded these warnings.

Roddey Dowd, Jr. of Charlotte Pipe and Foundry, an American company, has been manufacturing pipes and fittings for over a century at this point.