President Biden Blames Inflation on Attitudes of Longshoremen

On Friday, President Biden made an appearance at a CNN town hall in Baltimore. Here, he was asked to address a panel on the hike in inflation and supply chain problems. The focal point of Biden’s address centered around the rise in fuel prices and also its supply network. 

In his address, Biden stated the core reason for the inflation spike was Longshoremen didn’t have a cordial tie with business owners. A lot of viewers at the time anticipated a more proactive response from Biden.

Him having to blame a set of workers for the country’s economic woes makes Americans wonder if Biden understands the deeper economic issues affecting the nation.

Responses to Biden’s Choice of Words

In response to the comments of Biden on the program, a co-host on The Five, Jesse Watters, stated Biden lacked diplomacy when it comes to the use of economic concepts. He went on to add Biden doesn’t accept there is such a thing known as supply and demand. 

In faulting the blame apportioned by President Biden, Watters stated the principles of demand and supply have to meet in order for the country to stretch its path to economic recovery.

At the moment, America is trying to negotiate supply terms with OPEC. They want more supply and a means by which the supply could influence the market price. Rather than oblige, OPEC is saying while they will not increase supply, the cost of petroleum products will likely escalate. 

Biden’s Policies Might Have Been the Cause of the Problems

We can recall earlier in Biden’s tenure as president, he canceled an energy pipeline that was supposed to run between Alberta, Canada, and the Gulf Coast. Also, in recent times, the core planners of the PennEast pipeline project ruled out Dallas from the plan.

The reason for this was hinged mainly on the grounds of environmental sustenance and lack of cooperation from the State of Jersey. However, such cancellation was bound to have a ripple effect on the nation. 

Weighing in on all of these, Watters expressed he doesn’t think Biden understands the state in which America is at in this moment. In his words, he said with a weaker dollar, gas prices and oil would skyrocket. Adding all of these to the inflation rate is bound to have an adverse toll on the nation.

In the sequel after Watters opinion, Co-host Dagen McDowell went on to add Biden is fond of also claiming coronavirus still thrives in America because Trump supporters are unwilling to take the COVID vaccine. 

Many Americans would love to listen to Biden talk about economic issues and how he intends to solve them. This is the reason why he is the leader.

However, for a leader who faces a lot of expectations, Biden focuses more on secondary issues that are extraneous to helping solve the inflation and gas problems America currently suffers from.