President Biden Secretly Flying Underaged Migrants into NY Raises Suspicions

Amid the political tension the Biden-led administration is facing, the administration has chosen to add more. The news recently making the rounds is about the administration secretly resettling underaged migrants into the suburban regions of New York. 

Just last week, an eyewitness account stated vehemently that two airplanes landed in Westchester County’s airport. The bulk of the passengers from both planes were children, and a few were males in their early twenties.

In addition, the cops within the airport’s facility witnessed the same group of young ones being ushered into a bus that led them to a facility where they would meet with their sponsors.

Americans are Worried

Americans have once again weighed in on the legality of migrating young ones into the country, especially in an environment that is notorious for having illegal migrants pull in from Mexico.

We can recall that sometime in August, the United States Customs and Border Protection was able to gather that around 38,000 children who crossed the border into America were left behind by coyotes. 

As more illegal immigrants find their way onto American soil, many residents are troubled about how the White House is handling this new development. According to an anonymous source, the bulk of these kids are victims of societal problems. 

Governor Ron DeSantis has Words for Biden

At precisely 10 pm last Saturday, a Boeing 737-700 was seen landing in Jacksonville. Shortly afterward, no less than ten children descended from the plane with duffel bags and baseball caps over their heads.

Later on, their handlers conveyed them to a juvenile center somewhere close to Tallahassee. Numerous Republicans, particularly Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, expressed their fears about this decision by the president.

DeSantis argued if Biden felt the open border policy was safe for the American people, the clandestine mode of bringing in these children was not the best way to drive home his point.

A decision like this leaves Americans in the dark about why Biden is resettling migrants into numerous American communities; yet, Biden is not disclosing the slightest information about the need for this move. 

It is a well-known fact that many states in America set their immigration policies. However, in light of federal law backing Biden’s decision, it becomes harder for those state policies to contest Biden’s overriding power to settle young illegal Mexican migrants into these respective states.

In response to this move by President Biden, the White House stated America has to safely cater to unaccompanied children until they are old enough to be united with their families. 

As more children continue arriving in American societies in the coming weeks, does it mean President Biden’s tenure as president of America intends to give asylum to illegal migrants? How safe is this, in light of so many tensions that occur at the Mexico-American border?