President Zelensky Explains Who He Blames for the Russian Invasion

Senate reports claimed Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky blamed President Biden’s reluctance to approve sanctions on Russia before it started its invasion of Ukraine for the country’s destabilization.

Senators heard Zelensky say if the United States “imposed sanctions months earlier, there might not have been a conflict in Ukraine.”

Stricter Sanctions

According to Reuters, just a few days before the invasion occurred, Biden was “refusing to activate sanctions against Russia” until Russia decided to invade Ukraine.

Numerous authorities, including Zelensky, stated sanctions could’ve prevented the invasion from taking place. “You assure me war will erupt in a matter of days. What are you waiting for?” Zelensky said.

Before the invasion, Zelensky made the following statement: “We will not require your sanctions if our country is bombarded, if our government is shot at, if we have no more frontiers, no more economy, or if portions of our country are occupied.”

During a discussion with the Daily Wire, Sen. Tommy Tuberville attacked Biden, claiming Biden’s penalties for Russia were nothing but a “slap on the wrist” for the country.

According to Tuberville, “the penalties they want to place on [Russia] are nothing. It’s a slap on the wrist.”

Tuberville spoke out several days before Russia attacked Ukraine. “We’ve come up with penalties on the Republican side that are strong, both before and after they are implemented, if they are successful.”

As a result, he believes it is a grave error that America did not impose some consequences from the outset.

Details of the Conversation

The following information was provided by CBS News on Zelensky’s phone conversation with lawmakers:

According to another person on the phone with Zelensky, Zelensky informed the legislators Ukraine needed planes because its Air Force was annihilated on the first day of the Russian invasion. 

In addition, he requested an oil embargo against Russia, which he claimed would be the most critical factor in the conflict in Ukraine.

If sanctions had been in place in September or October, Zelensky informed legislators, there would have been no invasion of the country.

In his opening remarks, Zelensky expressed the possibility, “this may be the final time you witness me alive.”

The seriousness of Zelensky’s wishes was immediately apparent. He cautioned them Russian President Vladimir Putin would not back down after the events in Ukraine.

Poland and Lithuania, both of which are members of NATO, will be the next countries to join. 

He urged the United States to dispatch planes and troops to the region immediately to assist in preparations, as well as to release surplus Warsaw Pact jets—MIGs and Sukohvs—from Poland and other countries.

According to a source involved in the conversation, the issue of a no-fly zone was broached.


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