Proud Boys Hit With Sedition Charges Over January 6 Rioting

Arrests and indictments over the Capitol riots that took place on January 6, 2021 are not even close to being finished.

Stories still routinely make the news of people who engaged in the riots being held accountable by law enforcement. Some of the participants were found out via social media posts they made about the matter.

Others were turned in to the authorities by friends, relatives, matches on dating sites, and even their rideshare drivers. The January 6 commission that’s investigating Capitol riots remains active and has issued various subpoenas for testimonies.

There’s no telling how much time will pass before the probes and aftermath of January 6 are over.

Although, in the meantime, multiple members of the Proud Boys have been federally charged with sedition, per MSN.

A Closer Look at Sedition Charges Against the Proud Boys

This past Monday, the Justice Department indicted former Proud Boys chairman Enrique Tarrio, along with Joseph Biggs, Ethan Nordean, Dominic Pezzola, and Zachary Rehl, for sedition.

Charles Donohoe, a lieutenant of the Proud Boys, recently pled guilty to January 6-related charges against him. This guilty plea comes on top of Donohoe working with the federal government’s review of the Proud Boys.

As for the latest sedition charges, Proud Boys’ comments made in group chats, along with their purchases of protective attire, are being used by prosecutors as evidence that they intended to overthrow the government.

Attempts to interfere with federal law are likewise counted as sedition in the United States.

More Indictments to Come?

At this time, it remains unknown to the general public who all the Proud Boys were in contact with leading up to, during, and even shortly after January 6.

However, the role that group messages have played in Proud Boys facing sedition charges has raised an entirely new line of questioning.

Some people believe that anyone who was in contact with the Proud Boys about the riots during these times could potentially find themselves facing federal charges.

Others suggested the Proud Boys could’ve had someone within their ranks who secretly turned them into federal authorities.

All in all, time is going to tell who else gets charged in relation to the January 6 riots and what these charges entail.

The Oath Keepers, another militia group similar to the Proud Boys, has likewise been facing serious charges from the federal government. Federal authorities have been clear in their goal to charge every single person who played a role in last year’s Capitol riot.

What do you think about the sedition charges that are currently facing the Proud Boys? Do you believe additional similar charges will be coming for more people later down the line?

Readers are welcome to share their thoughts and predictions in the comments feed below.