Putin’s Army Turns the Tide in Donbas

The United States continues to vow to supply weaponry to assist Ukraine in defending its land.

However, delays in getting that weaponry towards the frontlines have given Russia an edge in capturing the Donbas area.

Ukraine is in Desperate Need

General Jack Keane, the director of the Center for the Study of War, said Ukraine is at a “turning point” and needs additional weaponry to counter Russia’s advantages.

During an interview on “Fox & Friends,” Keane remarked, “[Russians] have the edge because of the number of guns they have in the distances they have.”

“Ukrainians have the ability, motivation, and the numbers to do it. What they need are the weapons with which to carry out their mission.”

President Biden issued two tranches of arms and aid for Ukraine earlier this month. Artillery, coastal defense weaponry, ammo, and sophisticated rocket systems are all part of the current $1.2 billion deal.

Because a large number of those guns originate from Defense Department inventory, the department will announce shipments before the armaments have been identified, examined, and dispatched.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s stated goal was to seize the Donbas area, but Russian soldiers attempted to take Kyiv and other important cities in a single, decisive onslaught.

However, now that Russia narrowed its goals to merely capturing the Donbas region, it strengthened its warfighting capacity, with speedier supply lines and greater range for its heavy weaponry.

“The weaponry is not reaching Ukrainians fast enough,” a former security spokesperson told Fox News Digital.

Needless to say, Ukrainians’ inability to get this weaponry poses real problems.

How Much Longer?

It will take “many” months for such weapons to join Ukrainian forces, according to defense sources, particularly the Harpoon cruise missile, which will take weeks to transfer and educate soldiers on how to operate.

On June 15, a military spokesman informed reporters, “The truck-mounted Harpoon, in this shape, in this form, is new, right?”

“That’s why putting the systems together and for full operating capacity is taking a little while.”

Ukrainian soldiers claim they require more weaponry than their allies can provide.

The US stated it will continue to work with Ukrainian allies to ensure help reaches the frontlines, but it could not provide particular timetables.

Lieutenant Colonel Anton T. Semelroth, the Defense Department spokesperson, told Fox News Digital the following:

“We are in continual touch with our Ukrainian colleagues regarding shifting circumstances and their important requirements. We will continue to coordinate and help Ukraine.”

Ukraine also faced skepticism from its European friends when it comes to the delivery of deadly aid.

Some European officials, including German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron, pressed for Russia and Ukraine to settle the situation via diplomacy, rather than combat.


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