R. Kelly Found Guilty in Child Sex Scandal

A 13-member federal jury in Chicago convicted R. Kelly of various charges in a child sex scandal, which ended Kelly’s artistic career.

In June, a New York federal judge has already slammed Kelly with a 30-year-long prison term in a sex trafficking case.

R Kelly’s Artistic Career Comes to an End

While Kelly is convicted on three charges of child pornography and three charges of enticing minors for sexual favors, he is acquitted of obstructing justice.

Victims of Kelly’s sexual assault, which were mentioned by their first names, Pauline, Jane, Nia, and Tracy in the court proceedings, testified in front of the jury during the trial. One victim, Brittany, did not testify against Kelly.

The case revolved around a single video clip in which Kelly was seen sexually assaulting a minor girl.

In August, Jane claimed for the first time she was the minor in the video, adding her age was 14 years, while Kelly was almost 30 years old.

Later on, Kelly tried to threaten and bribe Jane in his 2008 court case. Likewise, the disgraced singer pressured Jane’s parents not to testify in front of the court.

Some judges in the 2008 court case noted they acquired Kelly just because Jane did not testify. This time, Jane admitted she lied in front of the court in the 2002 case as well, considering she was a fan of Kelly and did not want to see him in trouble.

When Jane complained to her parents about her sexual misconduct with Kelly, the singer went on his knees and asked them for forgiveness. So, Jane convinced her parents not to take any legal action against Kelly.

Kelly is Expected to Spend Rest of His Life in Jail

During the trial, prosecutors claimed Kelly capitalized on his fame and manipulated his minor fans to get sexual favor from them.

One witness claimed that Kelly was desperate to find his child’s pornographic videos in order to avoid prosecution. According to the witness, the disgraced singer offered him $1 million to recover the misplaced videos ahead of his 2008 trial.

However, Milton Brown and Derrel McDavid, the two co-defendants of Kelly, were acquitted of all the charges.

McDavid was Kelly’s business partner. He was accused of rigging the 2008 court proceedings in favor of Kelly. Likewise, Brown was accused of receiving and distributing child pornography.

Federal inmates are supposed to serve at least 85% of their jail terms; so Kelly, who is 55 years now, will remain in jail until at least 80 years of age.

A child pornography conviction carries a minimum sentence of 10 years in jail.

As Kelly faced 13 counts and was found guilty on many of them, judges will have to decide if the singer will serve his jail term simultaneously or only after the previous 30-year punishment is over.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.