Radical Left Now Takes to Normalizing Cannibalism and Through New York Times

A relatively shy, but nonetheless outrageous, article by the New York Times more or less asserts the practice of humans eating humans is going mainstream…and we should be “prepared.”

A New One For ‘Cultural’ Marxist-Communists

The modern-day disciples of Marxism took advantage of the liberty and freedoms of the West and came up with evil interpretations of the teachings of Karl Marx and many others.

They support anything just to sow societal strife, rifts, violence, and the destruction of freedom, democracy, and capitalism.

Apparently, after managing to weaponize wokeness and transgenderism in order to terrorize Americans, modern-day Marxist-communists are now turning to cannibalism.

Either that or they are at least sounding it out to see how much of its promotion American society will tolerate, like when they first began promoting wokeness and transgenderism.

It should be noted that a lefty crusade to normalize and then weaponize cannibalism may be just starting, just like the normalization of pedophilia.

NYT Telling Us to Start Eating One Another

In a piece entitled “A Taste for Cannibalism?”, the New York Times, on Saturday, states there is a “time and place” for the practice of people eating other people.

The nauseating article was published in the “Style” section of the NYT propaganda machine. The article – written by an author named Alex Beggs – is particularly sly about the topic.

The NYT piece claims that cannibalism is becoming increasingly relevant in pop culture. That is evidenced by numerous recent books and a comment by one such author who says the “time is now” for cannibalism to break out.

The cunning writing pretends to delve into what is “fueling” today’s “cannibalism desire.” As such, the author is using a good, old method of Soviet propaganda where the communist outlets would pose the question of why something exists when it actually doesn’t.

One of the “experts” quoted in the article claims there are rising interests in cannibalism “stories” because of the COVID-19 pandemic, “climate change,” mass school shootings, and the “political cacophony.”

Quite expectedly, NYT’s “let’s take cannibalism mainstream” piece sparked mind-blowing outrage on social media, not just among conservatives, but also among old-school liberals.

One of the best reactions has been that of conservative author Ned Ryun, who wrote on Twitter that the NYT itself is now a “monumental joke.”

Adam Best, a liberal writer, pointed out in turn that the New York Times is recommending to people that they now “start eating each other.”

Numerous posts, time and again, were calling upon progressive propaganda to “stop normalizing cannibalism.”

Considering how this propaganda normalized wokeness and transgenderism, it’s not going to listen. The abysmal, monstrous New York Times piece is just a very, very shy and modern start.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.