Recordings of 911 Calls During North Carolina Mass Shootings Released

North Carolina police released the audio recordings of four calls made during the mass shooting in the city of Raleigh on Friday. 

Five people, including an off-duty police officer, died in a Raleigh mass shooting as a 15-year-old young male opened fire.

Disturbing Calls Amid North Carolina’s Mass Shooting Released

When the mass shooting episode was underway in Raleigh, NC, on Friday, many distraught people dialed 911 and asked the police for help.

Different media outlets received the recording of those calls, as they are public records that can be obtained upon request.

In the first recording, the caller told the police dispatcher that a young boy killed an off-duty police officer. During the call, multiple people could be heard screaming behind the caller.

The caller repeatedly yelled there was an active shooter who was continuously firing in the neighborhood, asking the police to come and help immediately.

Furthermore, the police inquired the dialler about the clothing of the shooter. The distraught caller told the police dispatcher, in panic, that the shooter was wearing “all camo” and carrying a backpack. 

After that, another caller told police he heard gunshots outside his house and when he looked outside the window, he saw his neighbor gunned down.

Nearly three hours after the mass shooting episode, the police managed to arrest the suspect, who was reportedly contained in a house.

Estella D. Patterson, the Raleigh police chief, noted the deceased off-duty police officer was  Gabriel Torres, 29. Torres was on his way to his job when he was killed by the shooter.

Other victims included 52-year-old Nicole Conners, 16-year-old James Roger Thompson, 35-year-old Mary Marshall, and 49-year-old Susan Karnatz.

Two people, including another police officer, were also injured in the shooting. Patterson also revealed a nearby school was locked down, and two community centers were evacuated in the wake of the mass shooting.

Panic in North Carolina

Police officers started reaching the crime scene five minutes after the first call.

While the police have not released the shooter’s name, one local media outlet claimed the shooter was Austin Thompson, the brother of one of the victims, James Roger Thompson. 

A woman also called 911 during the shooting and asked the police dispatcher for immediate help. She told the police she heard the firing outside her home, adding that two people were lying on the ground as well.

The police dispatcher asked her if she could locate the shooter. On this, the woman told the officer she could not see the shooter, but only hear the firing.

In addition to that, the third caller told the police operative he saw a young shooter running through the woods.

Furthermore, another person called 911 and explained the disastrous shooting, which he saw from the window of his bedroom.

This person told the police he heard three to four gunshots and many people were standing in a dead-end street.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.