Remain in Mexico is What Biden Needs

In March, the Biden presidency detained 221,303 illegal migrants, topping the previous high of 213,593 established in July.

Then, 109,549 of these migrants were deported under Title 42 Public Health Law. Another 12,070 were deported under the old Title 8 scheme. 

The Statistics

The Biden administration permitted roughly 100,000 migrants into the country in March, most of whom were free to travel anywhere they wanted, as long as they promised to alert DHS officials once they arrived. 

At this pace, President Biden will bring in almost one million undocumented immigrants this year, which is about the entire population of Dallas.

Sadly, when Biden stops deporting migrants under Title 42, the rate of re-entry will double. 

If the number of illegal aliens detained at the border remains constant, Biden will admit over 2.5 million this year.

This is more than the populations of Houston, Phoenix, and Philly combined. DHS authorities foresee a surge in migrant crossings when Title 42 expires. 

Centrist Democrats, particularly those seeking reelection this year, are on edge about Biden’s border issue.

Sens. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, Mark Kelly of Arizona, Jon Tester of Montana, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, and Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire have submitted legislation to maintain Title 42 at the southern border.

They want to do this for at least 60 days after Biden ends the COVID emergency. 

Crisis at the Border, Crisis in the White House

Also, with Title 42 in place, this bill’s noble intentions won’t fix the situation.

The number of migrants captured at the southern border has risen to about 2.5 million since Biden took office. With Title 42, that’s 180,000 illegal entrances per month. 

A month prior to Trump’s invoking Title 42, only 36,000 migrants were captured at the southern border.

In other terms, there was no border emergency before Title 42, and it was caused by Biden’s decision to reverse Trump’s highly influential “Remain in Mexico” strategy. 

Trump’s program, known as the Migration Protection Protocols, allowed illegal border crossers to request asylum, but they had to wait in Mexico while their cases were reviewed. 

Remain in Mexico effectively discouraged hundreds and thousands of migrants from crossing the border. 

After “Remain in Mexico” was enacted in Texas in March 2019, over 100,000 migrants were detained.

In August, Remain in Mexico had 12,000 registered migrants, while arrests plummeted from 144,116 in May to just 62,707 in August. This proves that benefits matter and deterrence works. 

Biden doesn’t need Title 42 to protect the southern border.

Our southern border can only be stabilized by ending the catch-and-release tactics causing chaos. Trump, with all his shortcomings, saw this and cooperated with Mexico to find a solution. 

To resolve the border situation, Biden only needs to reinstate Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, as required by a federal court ruling.

Biden should accept the court’s decision. The country would be safer.