Republican Lawmakers Weaken on Gun Control

U.S. Representative Markwayne Mullin (R-OK), the top contender attempting to run for Sen. Jim Inhofe’s (R-OK) open seat in Congress, slammed Republicans.

This was over Republicans trying to work with Democrats to “neutralize the Second Amendment” and implement “unlawful” gun steps.

These are both “inconsistent with the Constitution” and ineffective, unlike supporting the Federal Committee on School Safety.

What Happens Now?

Mullin emphasized the impracticality of gun restrictions in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News on Friday.

He also chastised conservatives who are “wrongly planning to work with Democrats to implement unlawful gun metrics,” rather than following the preexisting model of then-President Trump’s committee on gun violence in schools.

This aimed to protect kids while maintaining constitutional protections.

The Trump administration formed the committee in 2018 with the goal of addressing school safety and violent culture by suggesting policy and financing recommendations to avoid school violence.

It discussed “plans to improve the science of character in adolescents and a culture of connectivity,” the consequences of “press coverage” of gun violence, and the “repeal of the Obama Government’s “Rethink School Discipline” policy, among other things.

“The panel was formed to develop real community-based policy solutions to safeguard our schools, increase mental health assistance, and investigate the socioeconomic causes that lead to gun violence,” Mullin stated.

He further stated “unlike Democrats in the Senate,” President Trump “protected our rights, prioritized children, parents, and teachers, and made community engagement a priority.”

Mullin argued the Constitution “places strong constraints on the federal government’s jurisdiction to regulate legitimate ownership of guns,” condemning senators who want further gun regulations.

“Those senators who are considering violating our Constitution ought to be aware demanding greater top-down gun legislation from Washington would jeopardize our God-given rights as human beings, liberty, and property,” he stated.

“There is NO justification for Republican legislators to undermine the Second Amendment at the cost of the American people,” Mullin says, adding doing so would “prosecute law-abiding Americans without truly fixing the issue.”

Finally, he urged a bipartisan commitment to guarantee school safety. “Rather than gun control, we should be searching for a bipartisan approach to school security,” he stated.

Trump’s Way Forward

“I am delighted to endorse President Trump’s proposal to safeguard our children and our constitutional protections as a life member of the NRA and a dad of six,” he said.

Mullin co-sponsored a bill last week to use unexpended COVID-19 funding to improve school security.

In the aftermath of the horrific massacre at a Texas elementary school that killed 19 children and two instructors in May, he lambasted Democrats for politicizing gun massacres.

Mullin said the left’s drive to outlaw firearms, rather than address family disintegration and mental illness, “irritates” him. He called the use of shooting incidents for political gain “totally stupid and outrageous.”

His comment comes after House Democrats passed a gun control plan with six measures that would not have averted the mass massacre in Uvalde.