Republican Tom Patti Says That There Are Criminals Beyond Reform

Mike Tyson’s childhood friend, Patti, an entrepreneur, business owner, county supervisor, and five-time state and Golden Gloves boxing champion, once spoke of training sessions.

Patti said as follows, “The one thing that becomes evident is we never stop. We never quit or give up. Just don’t give up. You must continue to advance daily.”

Tom Patti Takes Hard Stance

Patti said he has been “honest and truthful” and “full of integrity” throughout his career as a county supervisor.

However, he added whenever it comes to homelessness and crime, he may occasionally be “pushy” since he “expects more than the status quo.”

However, the Golden State Republican noted crime overall is a significant issue across the nation, including California.

In fact, Patti stated many of the most outspoken “defund the police” advocates are now retreating. They are changing their story and saying, ‘hey, we really have to fund law enforcement now.”

This comes as studies and polls indicate the growth of violent crime across the United States emerged as the determining issue in the 2022 midterm elections in many states across the country.

Patti described what is taking place around the nation. “What we’ve seen is criminals being pampered and babied. The idea process behind that has been offenders are really misguided and misunderstood victims.”

“If we treat them kindly—indeed, if we don’t even bring charges against them—they’ll see that society is really welcoming and kind. Then, they could then decide to modify their wicked behavior. Additionally, we are well aware of the existence of some bad actors.”

Patti is In Favor of Reform

Regarding the kind of criminal reformation he is in favor of, Patti stated, “I’m completely in favor of reform. I support on-the-job training. I support education.”

“I support the use of anger control and therapy. I support forming and maintaining healthy relationships and lessons on healthy relationships.”

“I support learning about healthy relationships and everything else we can do to improve people’s lives, lower recidivism, and aid in reform and recovery.”

Particularly in his own state, the California Republican claimed to have seen criminals “advance” from reform programs. Nevertheless, he added, “violent criminals are so far beyond rehabilitation at this time.”

“They ought to make better decisions in their lives that will change them until they get there, until they have their spiritual experience, and until they reach their ‘come to Jesus’ experience.”

“They have to realize gazing in the mirror and even being put in prison is just not for them.”

He stated he planned to bring Tyson to Washington, DC if elected to Congress, and “be a spokesperson for the inner city.”

“What really is going on? Why do crimes exist? Why has the situation escalated? Why do we struggle with generational unemployment and despair?”

This article appeared in Powerhouse News and has been published here with permission.