Republicans Caution Biden Against New Iran Nuclear Agreement

In a letter to President Biden, a group of House Republicans expressed concern about the possibility of another Iran nuclear deal without congressional approval.

The GOP claimed such a deal would meet the same destiny as previous President Obama’s agreement with the nation.

A Non-Binding Agreement

The letter sent to Joe Biden signed by House Republicans on Wednesday warned that any accord with Iran without US congressional authorization would be eventually tossed.

The Republican senators referred to the well-known 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, which was set up by former President Obama and then thrown out by former President Trump.

According to the administration, it has until the end of February to get work done as part of the previous agreement, which Biden pushed for during his election campaign last year. 

However, some of Iran’s demands were met with skepticism by Republican lawmakers.

They pointed out the nation asked for a “guarantee” the United States will no longer impose punitive measures on the country as long as it complies with the terms of the settlement.

Warning the General Populace

The lawmakers made it plain that in contrast to the accord reached by the Obama administration, any deal would have to be approved by the entire body of Congress.

It was stated in the letter, “we feel obligated to inform you that you do not have the authority to issue any such ‘promise.”

The statement continued, “We will demand that any such deal be forwarded to Congress in accordance with the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015.”

“We will use the 30-day review period provided by the law to warn our peers, the American people, and the private industry about any risks and flaws in such an accord.”

The letter contends that any transition to lifting sanctions against Iran should not take place “without first confirmation they have properly accounted for all old and new undeclared nuclear programs.”

There should likewise be confirmation that they systematically demolished their enriching uranium and reprocessing-related infrastructural facilities and capabilities.

In addition, the letter tells people not to put their trust in Iran’s government because the country’s leaders “suppress, brutalize, and kill its people.”

According to the letter’s conclusion, “we aspire to see the day when all United States sanctions against Iran can be repealed, when ties between the United States and Iran can be restored, and when the Iranian people have a government that respects human dignity.”

“The Iranians will not see that day if you offer a lifting of sanctions that would feed the regime’s rampant corruption at the cost of the Iranian people.”

One point is absolutely clear; a lawless state where basic human rights are being violated by those in power cannot and must not be given an ultimate free pass.