Rodney Scott: Biden Opposing Border Patrol Mission Harms National Security

Rodney Scott, the former national leader of the United States Border Patrol, has some words for President Biden. Scott said the current administration is not treating the agency properly.

He also noted the administration’s actions are putting the country in danger, as it is opposing Border Patrol missions. The former Border Patrol chief had to leave his post involuntarily in August.

He noted Biden’s administration is frustrating the agency’s mandate from Congress. Because of this, there’s a ripple effect in the agency across the country.

Biden’s Administration is Playing to the Gallery

Rodney Scott revealed he is unhappy about what is going on in the agency. He noted the Biden administration and Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas decided to turn their backs on border security. Aside from that, their public utterances have adverse effects on Border Patrol.

Earlier in September, President Biden, DHS Secretary Mayorkas, Vice President Kamala Harris, and top leaders in the administration condemned Border Patrol agents on horses for allegedly whipping migrants in Del Rio, Texas.

However, video evidence later surfaced, showing the agents did not use whips on the migrants. Moreover, Border Patrol doesn’t issue whips to agents. Scott noted the Biden administration didn’t retract its criticisms of the agents over a false situation.

Besides, even if the administration did, the damage has already been done. It seems the administration just wants to look ‘good’ in the world’s eyes, rather than ensure things are working at the borders.

In a previous revelation, Rodney Scott said the current government ordered federal law enforcement to stop using the phrase “illegal alien.” Scott also criticized his superior, Troy Miller, for the decision to replace immigration terms with ‘less offensive’ terms.

Everything about the Biden administration screams, “look at me! I’m the good guy.”


Furthermore, Rodney Scott said he was accused of being involved in politics. Scott also noted he argued the accusation was false, as he’s had the same job in border security since 1992 under different parties.

Vaccine Mandates for Border Patrol

Our borders are already overwhelmed by immigrants. Border Patrol is already short-staffed, as there are more immigrants at the border than they can handle. Yet, the Biden administration wants to overwhelm them more through vaccine mandates.

The administration issued a federal employee vaccine mandate in September. Federal employees are mandated to take the vaccine or risk dismissal. Currently, there are 19,000 Border Patrol agents, with over 1,000 refusing to take the vaccine. If they get fired, the agency loses a considerable chunk of its workforce.

Weighing in on this development, Scott said the firings over the vaccine mandate would hurt Border Patrol’s ability to have the proper presence at the border. In light of this, they will not be able to respond to the massive influx of immigrants at the country’s borders.

In the end, Rodney Scott said he knows Secretary Mayorkas is very intelligent and knows the consequences of actions like this. However, Scott noted he doesn’t understand the rationale behind the decisions.