Roughly Two-Thirds of Ukrainian Kids Have Evacuated Since Russia Invaded

Per the United Nations’ children’s agency, nearly two-thirds of Ukraine’s kids have fled their homes since Russia’s incursion began on February 24.

The agency confirmed at least 142 child mortalities in the war-torn nation. 

Humanitarian Crisis

On Monday, UNICEF Emergency Programmes Head Manuel Fontaine presented the findings at a security briefing on Ukraine’s humanitarian crisis.

“I met people in Zaporizhzhia who expressed a desire to remain in their houses, but were forced to escape, due to the shelling and violence.”

“Thousands more are already attempting to flee before the conflict engulfs them. Along the way, they confront additional hazards: missiles, gunfire, and explosive remnants,” Fontaine reminded those attending the meeting.

“Nearly two-thirds of all Ukrainian youngsters have been uprooted in less than six weeks. They have been compelled to abandon everything, including their houses, schools, and, frequently, family members,” he continued.

Fontaine added, “For many of the kids who stayed in their homes throughout Ukraine, the situation remains dire.”

“Nearly half of the projected 3.2 million youngsters who have stayed in their homes may be at risk of going hungry.”

“Attacks on the water system’s infrastructure and power disruptions have left an astounding 1.4 million people in Ukraine without access to water. 4.6 million additional people have only limited access.”

“The situation is far worse in places like Mariupol and Kherson. Kids and families have been without flowing water and sanitation for weeks, as well as a consistent supply of food and medical treatment.”

“They are taking refuge in their homes and underground, awaiting the cessation of bombings and carnage,” he explained.

As of Sunday, at least 142 children were confirmed dead and 229 children injured; however, the totals are sure to rise.

“As of yesterday, OHCHR documented the deaths of 142 children and the injuries of 229 others.”

“We know these figures are likely far higher; a significant portion of them were caused by crossfire or the deployment of explosive weapons in densely populated areas,” Fontaine observed. 

Displacements and Atrocities

Sergiy Kyslystsya, Ukraine’s ambassador to the United Nations, said Russia had taken around 121,000 children from Ukraine.

According to the Associated Press, “he said the majority of youngsters were evacuated from the besieged southern port city of Mariupol, brought to eastern Donetsk, and then to the Russian city of Taganrog.”

Fontaine acknowledged the reports, but stated he could not verify the figures.

The report comes after Mariupol Mayor Vadym Boychenko stated on Monday the Ukrainian city lost around 10,000 citizens since Russia’s assault.

Boychenko informed the Associated Press on Monday that bodies are still being counted around Mariupol, and the final death toll may approach 20,000.

“Boychenko also claimed Russian forces brought portable crematoria to the city to dispose of the bodies and accused them of refusing to allow humanitarian caravans into the city to conceal the carnage,” the AP reported.