Russia Makes New Claims Against the United States

To say that relations between the United States and Russia have been tense would not do the situation justice. After Russia invaded Ukraine almost a year ago, America imposed various sanctions on Russia.

What’s currently going on right now has the potential to get much worse. American citizens who are in Russia have already been advised to leave.

State Department officials also made it clear that Americans could be unfairly and unlawfully detained in Russia. Furthermore, US resources to help get American citizens out of Russia are not readily available.

Now, in yet another deterioration of relations between the United States and Russia, Vladimir Putin’s top spokesperson is levying new claims, per NBC News.

It’s Not Looking Good

On Monday, Dmitry Peskov, the Russian president’s spokesman, accused the United States of poking the bear and being the catalyst of global conflict. Peskov made these comments exactly one day before Putin himself went ahead with a national address in Russia.

Peskov’s latest claim against America follows Vice President Kamala Harris declaring that Russia engaged in crimes against humanity amid its war in Ukraine.

While in Germany, Harris said before the Munich Security Conference that Russian fighters have been beating and electrocuting Ukrainians, in addition to killing Ukrainians in executioner-style fashions.

Putin’s top spokesperson likewise claimed “the collective West” isn’t showing itself to be very amendable to initiatives that are peaceful. Though some folks might deem this to be hypocritical and ironic, given the war that Russia forced in Ukraine and has refused to end.

More From Russia

So far, Russia has made all sorts of wild-eyed claims to justify its ongoing invasion of Ukraine. Russia called the war it started a “special operation.” Russia also accused Ukraine of being operated by “Nazis.”

At no point has Russia shown any willingness toward peace or good faith efforts that would lessen international tensions.

Judging from Peskov’s latest comments, it seems clear that Russia will continue to double down on its insistence that Ukraine, the West, and everyone else but itself is in the wrong.

As Putin delivered his national address in Russia, he made more assertions against America that shouldn’t be shocking. Putin has a pattern of making verbal onslaughts against the United States and other western countries. It certainly is not Putin’s first rodeo.

Given the actions and rhetoric coming from Russia, it remains to be seen how international relations proceed on the world stage moving forward.

What do you think about the top spokesperson for Putin making negative claims about the United States and the supposed conflicts our nation has caused? Do you believe Russia’s disposition towards the West will continue to get worse?

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This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.