Russia Threatens to Launch Strikes Against Two Additional European Countries

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, two more European countries will suffer “severe military and political consequences” if they choose to join NATO.

The danger comes from Putin ordering his army to invade Ukraine earlier in the week. 

Threats of What’s to Come

“Finland and Sweden must not focus their security on undermining the security of other nations,” said Maria Zakharova, a spokeswoman for the Russian foreign office, during a press conference.

“Their annexation to NATO may have negative consequences, including military and political consequences.”

Part of her words was shared on Twitter by Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the message: “We consider the Finnish government’s adherence to a military non-alignment posture as an important element in guaranteeing safety and stability in northern Europe.”

This was accompanied by the following statement, “Finland’s entrance into NATO would have severe military and political ramifications.”

The first wave of Russian missile strikes against Ukraine began in the early hours of Thursday morning. It specifically targeted military and government infrastructure, airfields, and infrastructure along the border. 

Videos shared on social media showed large explosions that appeared to be caused by artillery shells. Ukraine said Belarus, which is allied with Putin, supported Russia in its country’s invasion.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, a high-ranking Ukrainian official stated hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers died in the initial salvo of attacks.

On Friday, and then into the early morning of Saturday, combat worsened.

Enormous blasts from missile attacks finally turned into street fighting, with Ukraine asking its population to take up guns, including Molotov cocktails, to confront the Russians. 

A Captain Not Abandoning His Ship

“We will provide guns to anyone who wishes to defend his or her country,” says the president.

“Be prepared to demonstrate your support for Ukraine in the streets of our cities,” Zelensky urged in a statement.

“We will abolish sanctions against any Ukrainian nationals who are prepared to defend our nation as part of territory defense and who have weapons in their possession.”

According to reports, Zelensky has refused to be evacuated from Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital city, as Russian armed forces attack the city and neighboring territories.

As stated by the Washington Post, “The United States government is prepared to assist Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in fleeing Kyiv so he does not risk being caught or assassinated by approaching Russian troops.”

“However, the president has so far refused to leave.”

In response to Zelensky’s alleged request to flee, according to a senior American intelligence official who has firsthand knowledge of the discussion, Zelensky said, “The war is here. I need weapons, not a ride.”

According to Kira Rudik, a representative of Ukraine’s parliament, she is determined to keep and fight the Russians, alongside the other members of Ukraine’s parliament.