Sam Smith Roasted For Using Made-up Words During Interview

Sam Smith was publicly roasted on Twitter earlier this week when he made the statement that he wished to be a “fisher-them” one day, instead of just saying fisherman.

This is what he’d be called if he was one, biologically speaking at least.

First the pronouns, now our entire vocabulary

The interviewer wasn’t any less surprised by his claim, wondering if he was referring to a different kind of fisherman, only to be corrected by Smith, who insisted on using the made-up word.

On the other hand, Smith was completely unphased by the question. He continued on, claiming he’d just want to be sitting on a river bank one day, fishing for fun, completely ignoring the fact he’d just gotten himself a spot in the cringe hall of fame.

In a matter of seconds, the interview made the rounds on social media. Hundreds of Twitter users made fun of the fact that Smith was so into the non-binary thing that he can’t even be a fisherMAN anymore.

Media personality David Vance joined in on the roast, baffled as to what sort of linguistic concoction Smith had just cooked up, seeing as there was no need to replace “man” with “them” in the word, regardless of Smith’s pronouns.

If that were to be the case, we’d have something akin to Defcon 5 in the dictionary department, considering every English dictionary out there probably wasn’t prepared for the radical change the non-binary singer would introduce to the world.

The zoomers are coming

Piers Morgan kept it simple, stating the best course of action for Sam Smith right now is to shut up or we’ll have Gen Z adding theys and thems to just about every single profession out there.

The bigger issue lies in the fact that the interviewer didn’t even call Smith out on the
linguistic hell he’d released upon the world, all for fear of offense. We all know what
happens when the non-binary crowd gets riled up.

Unfortunately, this probably isn’t the last we’ll be hearing from Sam, as the artist is prone to making statements like this, probably as a means of staying relevant.

Much like one-hit-wonder Lil Nas X, Smith was criticized for his “satanic” performance at the Grammys, where he appeared alongside another transgender artist, Kim Petra, for the song, “Unholy.”

Sensationalism is the only way these modern artists can creep into relevance these days. It’s sad that we’re no longer fixated on producing quality music, but rather, high-quality LGBTQ+ propaganda that goes along with a nice, catchy tune.

The golden age of entertainment is over. Artists who actually commit to their craft are almost nonexistent in the industry; the few that actually remained are outshined by the latex jumpsuit-wearing propaganda peddlers like Smith.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.