Senator Wendy Rogers Harassed by Cameryn Sanchez, A Liberal Reporter

Senator Rogers received a favorable decision in her initial complaint, which has the left-wing media in a rage.

Cameryn Sanchez, a reporter for the Arizona Capitol Times, allegedly harassed Rogers in the Arizona Senate, made several stops at Rogers and her neighbors’ residences, and harassed neighbors by asking where the Senator resides.

A judge ruled if she contacts the senator again, she could be arrested and prosecuted.

Arizona Capitol Times Reaction

Upon being accosted by reporters, Senator Rogers’ neighbors reported the unusual activity. Rogers also captured the reporters using cameras set up at her front entrance.

The Arizona Capitol Times issued a statement, addressing the injunction against one of their reporters for pursuing and harassing Rogers by showing up at her residence and interviewing her neighbors.

Despite the reporter’s disturbing news-gathering methods, they indicated they would contest the injunction, describing it as “without merit and an unconstitutional prior restraint.”

A flagship judge has now ruled in their favor and stated “investigative journalism” is a solid reason for the harassment.

Imagine if this were a reporter from the right visiting the residences of Democratic officials who repeatedly avoided answering their questions in public. The prejudiced left-wing media would celebrate the court’s decision with gusto.

Her Properties

Rogers has a residence in Maricopa County and her district in Flagstaff. Rogers, like other legislators who don’t stay close to the Arizona State Capitol, resides in the Phoenix area during legislative sessions.

Multiple papers, including Rogers’ driver’s license, pilot’s permit, voter ID, Arizona fishing permit, and American Legion membership card, list her Flagstaff property as her primary residence.

It is common knowledge that Rogers owns several homes and travels throughout the state to represent her constituents in a district of four Arizona Counties.

A 2020 lawsuit against Rogers focused on campaign finance was dropped after a probe by the office of the Secretary of State found no proof that Rogers neglected to record her correct place of residence as a state Senate candidate.