SHOCKING: Venezuela Sends Convicts to American Border

In response to this planned release of convicts, including violent felons, to journey to the southern American boundary, 14 House Republicans wrote to Alejandro Mayorkas, the secretary of Homeland Security.

America is in Grave Danger

In the letter dated September 22, Rep. Troy Nehls, who is driving the Republican push to have Mayorkas respond to questions, stated the Nicolas Maduro regime’s move placed the United States “in serious danger.”

An unnamed person within U.S. Customs and Border Protection told the publication on September 18 that it examined the DHS intelligence assessment.

According to the study, freed convicts, including those with convictions for homicide, rape, and kidnapping, were spotted as early as July while trekking in migrant caravans from Tapachula, Mexico, to the southern border.

The intelligence service of Venezuela, the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service, might just have assisted in the intentional release of inmates, according to the study.

Nehls tweeted he received notice from the DHS hours before Breitbart reported the information. According to DHS, Venezuela transfers violent criminals to our southern border while emptying its jails. President Trump forewarned us of this in the past.

Trump Warned America

In 2021, Trump repeated this caution multiple times.

He repeated it last week when chatting to radio host Hugh Hewitt, claiming other countries were “unloading their prisoners into the United States” and this turned America into a “dumping site.”

Later, Nehls addressed the Breitbart allegation in a Sunday interview with Fox News correspondent Sara Carter.

The letter is being sent as migrants are pouring into the United States from Mexico all along the border.

As per CBP data, an unparalleled number of migrants from Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela crossed the two million mark at the southern border in August 2022.

The letter notes somewhere between October 2021 and July 2022, there had been more than 130,000 interactions with Venezuelan citizens.

“Our busy Border Patrol officers are limited in their abilities when President Biden extends an open welcome to anyone to come to this country,” Nehls continued.


The 14 Republicans want Mayorkas to address a number of issues. These issues include the measures DHS is taking to stop Venezuelan felons from getting into the country, in addition to the ten that have been put to him so far.

One of the queries reads as follows:

“Have any Venezuelan citizens apprehended at the southern border this year been considered to be freed prisoners? What is the anticipated number of freed Venezuelan convicts anticipated to enter the United States,” asks DHS.

Do you have any reason to think that the release of the prisoners may have been a deliberate geopolitical action with the aim of affecting U.S. national security?

Nehls stated on Twitter, “we need this current administration to be transparent and accountable.”

This article appeared in Powerhouse News and has been published here with permission.