Shocking Video Shows Putin’s Buddy Recruiting Murderer Inmates for Ukraine War

(Video snapshot shows hundreds of inmates motivated by Putin's friend to become his cannon fodder in the Ukraine war.)

A number of shocking videos have been leaked on social media showing how convicted Russian murderers, sex offenders, and other inmates are recruited and sent to fight in bloodthirsty dictator Vladimir Putin’s failing war in Ukraine.

Tremendous Death Toll Made Ukraine War ‘Unattractive’

Russia’s invasion of freedom-loving Ukraine has been a miserable failure.

A vastly outgunned, but unexpectedly plucky, Ukraine didn’t crumble. It has been devastating Russian invaders through sheer will to survive and growing supplies of top-notch American and other western weapons.

One recent estimate that cannot be verified put the total number of Russian casualties – including those killed, wounded, missing, and taken captive – at about 155,000.

However, the figure in question doesn’t include the Russian mercenaries, such as the Wagner Group, the biggest and best known of Putin’s private armies.

(Video snapshot shows Putin’s crony friend Prigozhin after his motivational speech to the inmates.)
(Photo by Vedomosti.)

‘Don’t Want to Be Putin’s Cannon Fodder? Your Kids Will Be!’

The colossal casualty and death rate of Russian forces caused a growing number of Russian professional contractor troops to refuse to fight or even go to the frontlines in Ukraine.

Since the very start, the Putin regime has been unwilling to declare an outright war and mass mobilization, instead presenting the invasion of Ukraine as solely a “special military operation.”

Putin appears to be worried that a mass mobilization campaign would truly disgruntle the general population, most of which has felt little impact from his failing war in Ukraine. The disgruntlement could lead to a revolution and mass-scale violence.

Because of that, the Moscow dictator and his cronies have been scrambling to recruit on a volunteer basis anybody they could in order to send to the frontlines in Ukraine as cannon fodder.

It has been well-known that prison inmates and even mental health patients have been targeted for recruitment.

The only Russian force that fights fiercely in Ukraine, according to the reports of the Ukrainian military commentator, is the Wagner Group.

One of the videos that surfaced on social media recently shows a Putin oligarch, Yevgeny Prigozhin, as he visits a penal colony in the autonomous Russian republic of Mordovia, and gives a speech to hundreds of inmates.

In the brief speech, Prigozhyn promises them a clear record after serving in Ukraine for six months, if they survive, of course, plus high remuneration and the possibility of getting decorated as “heroes of Russia.”

Prigozhin, 61, is known as “Putin’s chef” because of the lucrative catering contracts his firms have been given to supply the Russian military. He is also known for running internet troll farms for swaying public opinion in western nations in Russia’s favor.

In his recruitment speech to the inmates, Putin’s buddy used harsh language, telling the future cannon fodder they would be killed on the spot if they tried to desert.

He said Russia would recruit their children if they wouldn’t agree to go to fight in Ukraine, and their last grenade must be saved for blowing up themselves, if needed.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.