Soft-on-Crime Laws Get New York Father Killed

Last Tuesday, September 30, a man was murdered in Brooklyn. The attack occurred around 9 p.m. and happened when the man got into an argument with another man on the subway.

The victim was arguing with another individual when a third man approached rapidly and began stabbing the victim. He stabbed him in the chest, back, head, neck, and all over his body.

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The victim was rushed from the scene but unfortunately died from the savage attack on the southbound train.

Who Was the Attacker?

The victim was a man named Tommy Bailey, a dad with two kids who now have no father. The attacker is a homeless individual and ex-convict named Alvin Charles.

Police caught Charles by accessing security footage at the Atlantic Avenue station and identifying him. He was arrested on October 5 and charged with the stabbing homicide.

Though what makes this even worse is that Charles was already on supervised release for an attempted stabbing murder in Brooklyn in April of last year.

Charles should have been behind bars on $50,000 bail as prosecutors demanded; however, Judge Jessica Earle-Gagnan decided that was unnecessary and let him on supervised release.

He was due up in court at the end of this month to answer to the previously attempted murder charges along with attempted robbery, uttering threats, and assault.

This Has To Stop

Roy S. Wasserman, Charles’ public defender, defended the decision here; there are leftists in Brooklyn who will say this couldn’t have been prevented and wasn’t foreseeable.

Except it was foreseeable and could have been prevented. We are victims of an extreme lack of competence of public servants who put criminals on the loose and leave our lives at the mercy of deranged psychopaths.

Families are becoming orphans and hostages to a weak and highly incompetent system full of activist judges with no mental capacity for logic. Charles should never have been roaming the subway with the chance to commit another crime.

The fact he didn’t succeed in murdering the man last year and is black does not mean he didn’t have to face justice in the 2021 attack; letting him walk free like that is a direct cause of Bailey’s death.

Judge Jessica Earle-Gagnan has blood on her hands. How many other violent, deranged killers has she set loose on the streets of Brooklyn? How many other families have she robbed of loved ones with her egregious negligence of duty?

The Bottom Line

Soft-on-crime laws and activist judges are responsible for murder. A beloved father is dead because a known dangerous criminal was on supervised release when he should have been firmly behind bars.

Time will tell how many lives are lost as a result of policies that treat criminals with kid gloves.This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.