South Korea President Caught Abusing Biden and US Lawmakers

Yoon Suk-Yeol, South Korea’s leader, was heard on hot mic while passing insulting remarks to President Biden and US lawmakers.

Yoon predicted Biden will face humiliation if “f—ers” in Congress do not entertain his request to increase the United Nations funding.

Top American Ally Insults Biden

Biden recently pledged to increase the US contribution to the United Nations’ Global Fund, which works to eliminate AIDS, TB, HIV, malaria, and other dangerous diseases from the world.

Though he cannot increase the funding of the UN unilaterally, as he needs congressional approval to do it.

So, after listening to Biden’s commitments, South Korean President Yoon Suk-Yeol told his aide Biden would feel global embarrassment if “f—ers” in Congress do not approve the bill to increase Global Fund’s budget.

Yoon did not realize that he was on camera, but the media outlets successfully captured his voice as the news went viral on international media networks.

Many social media users also lashed out at Yoon while a large number of Koreans searched for the term “f—ers” on Korea’s online portal Naver after Yoon’s remarks.

South Korean officials are downplaying Yoon’s comments. Senior Press Secretary of Yoon, Kim Eun-hye, noted it is still unclear what the president was trying to say, as many people probably misheard his words.

Likewise, South Korean Prime Minister Han Duck-soo insisted Yoon’s remarks are still unclear as no one heard the complete conversation, adding the context of Yoon’s remarks remains missing.

South Korean News agency Yonhap quoted a government official who suggested the president was not speaking publicly and no one knows who recorded the private conversation with the president.

So, no one should believe the content of Yoon’s private remarks before verifying, the government official added.

Furthermore, the government official slammed critics who are blaming Yoon for creating a diplomatic mess by speaking against the United States.

No one should undermine the diplomatic success of Yoon, the official continued, as anti-Biden private remarks are not related to any diplomatic disaster.

Biden Isolating America From the World

However, South Korean opposition parties schooled Yoon for his consistent foreign policy gaffes.

Recently, the Korean opposition also lambasted Yoon for not seeing Queen Elizabeth’s coffin in London earlier this week, despite being present at her funeral anniversary. Yoon claimed he was unable to see the coffin, due to heavy traffic at the event.

Since assuming the presidency, Biden repeatedly asserted America is gaining its lost place in the world.

Biden has often accused former President Trump of isolating America from the rest of the world, claiming he is now helping America to get back its lost popularity worldwide.

Yoon’s remarks busted the whole narrative of the Biden administration, which often claims to create a successful foreign policy.

South Korea is a major ally of the United States. It hosts a larger number of US armed personnel, due to the rising aggression of North Korea.

Just last month, the USA, South Korea, and Japan conducted trilateral military exercises.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.