Stacey Abrams Defunds Police But Spends Hundreds of Thousands on Security

Since launching her second run for governor in December 2021, Georgia’s Democratic gubernatorial contender Stacey Abrams spent significant amounts of money on security details via her initiative.

This comes notwithstanding her being a top executive of founding that wants to dismantle authorities and individually endorses anti-police action.

The Hypocrite

Abrams’ campaign gave nearly $450,000 to Executive Protection Services (EPA Security), a private security company with offices in Atlanta, between December 2021 and April 2022.

According to the corporate website, the team offers executive protection for its customers that includes a “sharp eye with a complete understanding of the venue through danger analysis.”

Between $39,335 to $56,760, the Abrams campaign made nine contributions to EPA Security. Private protection has been paid for by Abrams before.

According to documents, the Fair Fight PAC, a party that is a member of a network Abrams founded, spent upwards of $1.2 million on security forces from the same company as the Abrams campaign last year.

As her affiliation with Marguerite Casey Fund turned into a political problem, Abrams recently emphasized to Axios that she favors a higher police budget and officer compensation.

Following Governor Brian Kemp’s request that she step down from the foundation’s leadership, more than 100 sheriffs in the Peach State denounced Abrams for her affiliation with it and her “soft-on-crime views.”

The interest comes as a result of many Fox News Digital reports about her participation in the organization.

According to a recent story by Fox News Digital, the Marguerite Casey Fund has frequently expressed support for eliminating and cutting funding to the police.

Additionally, they have given millions to academics and lecturers who support the elimination of prisons and anti-capitalist ideologies.

In a statement to Axios, Abrams emphasized she has no influence over the organization’s funds and she does not favor defunding the police.

She is Totally Lost

However, soon after joining the fund’s leadership in early May 2021, Fox News Digital also revealed Abrams supported an increased anti-police push by the organization.

The ‘Answer the Uprising’ initiative, which involves boosting financial assistance to left-wing organizations tackling law enforcement concerns, was overwhelmingly approved by the board, comprising Abrams, in late May 2021.

A coalition was also formed with other grant-making groups as part of the attempt to stop funding law enforcement agencies.

In 2020, the Marguerite Casey Foundation gave funding to left-leaning organizations like the March for Black Lives, Black Coordinating Project, and Louisville Community Bail Fund, which aim to abolish the police.

Abrams has also shown support for cutting police spending while trying to redefine it in the past.

Abrams made many attempts to reposition the “defund” component of the movement as supporting the “revision and change” of law enforcement, rather than its outright abolition during the George Floyd riots of 2020.