Stephen Colbert Staff Arrested For Spying on Republicans!

The US Police (USCP) detained a group of CBS “The Late Night Show With Stephen Colbert” employees late Thursday night.

This happened after they reportedly and illegally invaded a House of Representatives office complex and were spying around Republican members’ desks.

What on Earth?

The nine suspects were detained in the Longworth House Office Building after being removed out of a separate building previously in the day. Here, they were planning to interview people for the committee meetings on January 6.

“However, after the Capitol building was closed until further notice later that night, the group appeared.”

“It ended up taking videos and pictures around the desks of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), as well as Lauren Boebert (R-CO),” Fox News reporter Chad Pergram tweeted.

They were detained and charged with unauthorized entry without being escorted. They were also apprehended near Boebert’s place of business.

“Robert Smigel is best known as the voice of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog,” according to Pergram. “He also created short animations for ‘TV Funhouse’ on Saturday Night Live.”

Reps. Adam Schiff (D-CA), as well as Jake Auchincloss (D-MA), allegedly let Colbert’s team into the building, according to Fox News commentator Jesse Watters.

A Statement from Law Enforcement Officers on the Scene

In a statement, USCP revealed the following bits of information:

“On June 16, 2022, at about 8:30 p.m., USCP received a complaint about a commotion in the Longworth House Office Building. Replying officers discovered seven people in a sixth-floor hallway, alone and without congressional ID.”

“The facility was closed to guests,” the statement added, “and these individuals were found to be part of a larger group that had been instructed by the USCP to exit the premises earlier in the day.”

“They were arrested for trespassing. At this point, the situation is an ongoing criminal investigation. Furthermore, after consulting with the US attorney general, additional felony proceedings may be filed against the individual involved in trespassing.”

The staffers were all on-site to film a comedic piece for Colbert’s show. This is according to a CBS representative and apparently, the interviews were “pre-arranged.”

“Triumph the Insult Comic Dog was determined to be on Capitol Hill with a presentation team on Wednesday, June 15. They were also there on Thursday, June 16 to perform consultations for a comic piece on the order of ‘The Late Show.'”

“Their meetings at the Capitol were allowed and pre-arranged by the lawmakers’ interviewed’s congressional staffers,” the spokeswoman stated.

“The production staff waited in the halls to record stand-ups. They waited to do this, as well as other final comedy elements after departing the members’ offices on their last visit. This is all on the day in which they were held by Capitol law enforcement officers.”