Survey: Majority of People Want US-Made Drugs

People are concerned about the safety of using generic medicines from overseas suppliers, per a new poll.

The Morning Consult poll for Americans for Safe Drugs found that people want the Biden administration to better monitor foreign-made, generic drugs sold in the US.

A large majority (85%) support inspections of facilities reported for breaking federal standards. 84% support banning imports and 86% support testing the manufacturer’s products.

Dependency on Others

Concerns about the United States’ dependence on China and India for essential medicines and chemicals came in second on voters’ list.

A report from the Biden administration last year said China and India dominate “significant parts of the supply chain.” Ingredient sourcing is not required by law.

Americans for Safe Drugs is beginning a national digital campaign on Facebook and Twitter to raise awareness about generic medication imports from manufacturers who violate FDA safety requirements.

The Coalition for a Prosperous America, a nonpartisan trade group, founded the organization.

Notification of severe infractions of federal rules, while manufacturers continue to supply U.S. customers, is highlighted in one area.

Another target is Aurobindo Pharma, an Indian generic medication firm under FDA investigation for safety concerns while producing products for the US market.

In 2019, the company was found to be making a blood pressure drug laced with carcinogens.

In 2018, the FDA reported finding NDMA, a carcinogen used initially in rocket fuel, is a frequently prescribed blood pressure drug.

Three businesses that had to recall drugs acquired the active component from a significant Chinese source.

The recall affected pharmaceuticals produced by ten different companies and marketed to millions of people worldwide, considerably increasing cancer risk for those taking large doses of contaminated pills.

Toxic generic medications have been flooding the US for too long, according to Zach Mottl, the chairman of the Coalition for a Prosperous America.

The US imports generic medications, which account for over 90% of all prescriptions filled in the country.

According to the Biden administration, almost two-thirds of generic pharmaceuticals and 87% of critical generic medication components are created in China or India.

As a result of the coronavirus epidemic, the Biden administration pushed for essential medicines to be made in the United States.

According to the Coalition for a Prosperous America’s Healthcare Committee’s chairperson, Rosemary Gibson, globalization failed during the epidemic.

85 percent of those polled by Morning Consult and Americans for Safe Drugs want the US to lead the world in generic pharmaceutical manufacturing, with 44 percent of Democrats and 49 percent of Republicans agreeing.


Over two-thirds of Americans (82%) want the government to do more to stop foreign generic manufacturers from overcharging American consumers.

Since assuming office, President Biden has highlighted the need to increase American drug production.

The government released a progress report on strengthening US public health and medical supply chains in February, one of six evaluations on the US industrial base and food supply sectors.

Besides, risks to the health supply chain were found because it was hard to keep up with businesses from other countries with different budgets.

They propose the massive federal spending on generic medications be used to stimulate domestic manufacturing, and they call on the Biden administration to do more.