Texas Declared Illegal Immigration as Invasion

Several Texas counties near the southern border have declared emergency measures in order to tackle the illegal immigration crisis. 

Officials from these counties called on Governor Greg Abbott to declare illegal immigration an “invasion” into the state of Texas. They asked the governor to use state resources to expel immigrants who are causing great expense to the federal government.

Texas Declared Illegal Immigration as “Invasion”

Kinney County Judge Tully Shahan led the whole effort.

He accused the Biden administration of not having any “guts” to stop illegal immigration. He further noticed the federal government has all the resources available to stop this invasion, but it is miserably failing to take any conclusive measure.

Constitutional experts believe the states can use their powers under Article 1 of the Constitution, which establishes every state can “engage in war” without the approval of Congress whenever it feels “invaded.”

Now, more states are likely to adopt the same measure; this will essentially change the way illegal immigration is being tackled at the US border.

This move comes at a time when the Supreme Court allowed the Biden administration to reverse the Migration Protection Protocol (MPP), which is expected to invite more illegal immigrants into the United States.

Federal Government Abandoned Texas

The press secretary of Texas Governor Abbott, Renae Eze, told Fox News the inability of the Biden administration to tackle the crisis, and the photo-ops of members of Congress who just visit the southern border for their own publicity, are not helping Texas at all.

Eze also mentioned the governor is using the Texas National Guard to protect the border.

Abbott has used over $4 billion of Texas taxpayers’ money for the border crisis, not to mention the state is also erecting its own border wall and strategic barriers to stop the wild flow of illegal immigrants.

Due to these efforts of the governor, Eze continued, almost 274,000 illegal immigrants have been apprehended at the border. 16,900 criminals have been arrested and big doses of fentanyl drugs have also been seized.

So, Eze urged both the parties to work together in Congress to protect the country from this uncontrollable prevailing crisis.

This wave of illegal immigrants is troubling the locals to a dangerous extent. Officials added that property damage, gun violence, and stolen vehicles have become a normal day affair in counties where these immigrants invade.

Dale Lynn Carruthers, a judge for Terrell County, noted that less than 1,000 people live in his county; still, all of them are afraid of the illegal immigrants who have made society dysfunctional. 

Other officials maintained that these migrants pass through school campuses to avoid encounters with Border Patrol agents; this puts the lives of both the passersby and students at risk.