The Battle of Wokeness

Lia Thomas finished at Penn on Sunday, but the fight against radical left-wing political dogma continues. Under the pretense of justice and equality, the left normalizes nonsensical ideas.

They’ve proved they’ll do everything to achieve their goals, regardless of who they hurt. Victory isn’t certain. Republicans and conservatives need bravery to win the culture battle.

The Vulnerability of Women

Female athletes are vulnerable in this fight. Lia Thomas exposed the left’s distorted mentality.

Lillian Gallagher’s success in the women’s Red Bull competition shows the hurdles women confront. Unless enough people fight and protest, it will continue.

This requires bravery, not complacency or excuses for inaction.

“Everyone knows we divide men and women in some sporting competitions because of biological factors,” Dr. Robert George of Princeton University said.

Males should compete against males and females versus females.

Dr. George discussed Republican and conservative difficulties ahead. He accepted the left’s power to mainstream social norms.

“In elite society, where rules are created about what may and cannot be stated, expressing the obvious is banned. The restrictions are enforced severely by informal and occasionally official punishments,” explained George. 

“People fear telling the truth, which is understandable. It is risky to say it out loud. Speaking out can jeopardize school or job opportunities, damage friendships, and threaten family peace and harmony.”

“It can also lead to abuse, demonization, and slander. Most women’s sports victims dread speaking up. Who wants to be a ‘bigot’ or ‘phobe’?”

Republicans and conservatives confront several obstacles in today’s culture. Conservatives fear retaliation in educational, social, and occupational environments.

Entertainment and mainstream media diminish conservative views. Tolerance, diversity, and inclusion are progressive tribalist miracles.

Cancel Culture

This is particularly true for women who oppose the transgender agenda that has recently attacked female athletics. The right side of history must not give up despite these attacks.

They must be firm and not give up. 

“Women have seen cancelation efforts against J.K. Rowling, Kathleen Stock, and Abigail Shrier. To say I understand why people are reluctant to express the truth doesn’t mean I agree with their silence. We should all tell the truth,” says Dr. George.

The left is wrong about Republicans and conservatives. Message delivery is equally crucial. Dr. George stated that courteous delivery would reach more individuals. It must be said, though. Lia Thomas and Lillian Gallagher’s victims depend on it, as do other awakened victims.

“We shouldn’t be harsh, ridiculing, or bitter. The truth must be said. This requires having the guts to face the slings and arrows of truth-speaking today,” stated George.

“Truth-telling will be tougher and riskier for some. Everyone must tell the truth. Its influence is global.”

Republicans and conservatives face difficult times, but their goals are essential.

Women should compete fairly. Culture must be protected. Having the fortitude to resist the left’s cultural assault is crucial. It’s necessary. Women need it. The US moral fabric is at risk.