Biden Administration Remains Confident in Its Ability to Impose Vaccine Mandates

When asked about the Biden administration’s vaccine requirement and its complete inability to resist legal challenges, Jen Psaki responded the rule has been rolled out by OSHA, but challenged in court.

On the other hand, Psaki does not believe that federal judges temporarily blocking the requirement indicates there is a problem with President Biden’s vaccination mandate.

Vaccine Mandates on Federal Contractors

Psaki believes the federal government’s effective implementation of the vaccination requirement should serve as a model for the majority of other companies around the country.

The federal government is seldom, if ever, held up as an example of moral, efficient, or otherwise great business practices that should be followed by other organizations.

The question regarding Biden’s demands arose after yet another judicial officer, this time in Georgia, imposed a countrywide injunction against Biden’s vaccination mandate for federal contractors on Tuesday.

The injunction was over Biden’s vaccine requirement for federal contractors.

As reported, the judge clarified while the Procurement Act vests some authority to the president, the court is not convinced the president has the authority to direct the types of actions by federal agencies that are outlined in Biden’s vaccine requirement.

It was also noted the vaccine demand for federal contractors was a source of concern.

Its practical implementation requires a large number of people around the nation (operating in a wide variety of positions and countless distinctive businesses) to be fully immunized or face the risk of losing their jobs. This mandate, therefore, operates as a form of public health regulation.

Legal Stumbling Blocks

The nationwide injunction against Biden’s requirement for federal contractors isn’t the only legal stumbling block in the White House’s effort to force workers to vaccinate against coronavirus.

The White House has also been hit by a lawsuit challenging Biden’s mandate for federal contractors. Even if Psaki’s rhetoric about the Biden presidency having the legal authority to compel immunizations for the American workforce was wishful thinking, it was expected of her.

This administration has demonstrated little regard for American laws or the Constitution, opting instead to follow radical Democrats’ demands, rather than what the law allows a president to do in his or her position.

From the expulsion moratorium to the “Remain in Mexico” immigration laws and the imposition of vaccine mandates, Biden appears poised to go beyond what are widely understood to be legal constraints on his authority.

These are limits the Biden administration has acknowledged exist, with little regard for what is and is not legal in the process. As a result of his intentional misunderstanding of the law, Biden’s administration will continue to battle in court.

From here, the judges will determine where Biden’s legal abilities end and begin, regardless of what Psaki claims.