The FBI vs. Donald Trump: Alarming New Details Exposed

From the moment he descended the elevator in 2015, Donald Trump caused a revolution in American politics.

First, they laughed at him; then, they insulted and attacked him. Then, they tried to actively sabotage and betray him, even though it hurt America.

Just who is “they?” Well, for one thing, it’s the FBI. Literally. Breaking news shows just how far this weaponized leftist agency went in trying to bring down Trump right from the start.

The FBI Tried To Pay Off Ex-Spy For Fake Dossier

The trial of Igor Danchenko is going on as part of special counsel John Durham’s probe. The purpose of the Durham probe is to find out what happened with the false intelligence that was spread in 2016 about Trump by former MI6 spy Chris Steele.

Danchenko was one of the sources for the bad intel and it’s already known the FBI helped spread the intel without verifying it.

What’s now emerged is the FBI actually tried to pay out $1 million USD to Steele for more “proof” his file was fact-based. This revelation was given under oath by a top FBI agent on Tuesday.

It turns out in October 2016, just before the election, two FBI agents met Steele to offer the payout if he could prove what he was saying. He could not do so and wouldn’t even provide the names of those making the allegations, including the bizarre “pee tape” claim in the dossier.

The FBI was so desperate to find dirt on Trump they offered a million bucks to a retired spy to try to bolster his ridiculous lies about the candidate.

This is banana republic insanity of the kind nobody ever expected to hear about in the United States of America. It makes Watergate look like an absolute picnic.

The Clinton Crime Family

It turns out the FBI which was going on about supposed Russian rigging and sabotage of the election was working behind the scenes to try to get ahold of fake Russian intelligence being peddled by a disgraced British spy.

The FBI was doing all it could to get things prepped up for the Clinton crime family ahead of the election, which she lost in a humiliating defeat to Trump.

The FBI tried to use our tax dollars to bolster a case against the Republican nominee for president and sabotage the democratic process.

The fact they did this is also interesting in that it shows the Deep State was not as confident about Hillary pulling off the election as their media puppets were parroting.

Clearly, there was knowledge behind the scenes that Trump had far more than a few percent chance like the official outlets were reporting at the time.

What’s Next?

The FBI’s crusade against the will of the people continues. They are now a weaponized and thoroughly corrupted leftist agency that can’t be counted on to uphold the rule of law.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.


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