The Obama Curse? Watch and See For Yourself

Barack Obama was president of the United States for eight years, but there are two different versions of his presidency.

One half of the country believes he was a hero who saved the country from racism, inequality, and ignorance.

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The other half of the country believes Obama was a villain who divided the country even more, made it poorer, and put the US in danger on the world stage.

Whatever you may believe, there’s no doubt everyone still remembers Obama and he packs a big star power. Democrats have been trying to use that to get them through these midterms, but this recently led to a very embarrassing, strange moment on the campaign trail…

The Obama Curse?

The idea there’s some kind of curse around Obama may sound strange. Yet, on Saturday, Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman made everyone wonder if it was true.

Fetterman is running against Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz. Fetterman is doing really badly. He’s about to lose; he’s pulling the Obama card, with an appearance with the former POTUS.

Now that Obama’s poking his head out of his Martha’s Vineyard and DC mansions, he suddenly claims to care about working families and the future of the country.

Fetterman mocked Oz by saying while Oz will be doing an appearance with Trump, he, John Fetterman, is proud he’s a friend of Obama instead.

At his Saturday event in Pittsburgh, he warmed the crowd up for the big guy, saying he was proud that Obama, unlike Trump, is “sedition-free,” a reference to January 6.

At the moment Fetterman praised Obama, all the American flags behind him in a row blew over in the wind. Yes, this actually happened.

Can Obama Save the Day?

The American flags didn’t seem to like the praise of Obama and decided to take a dive for the dirt instead of being associated with his name. Can Obama really pull Fetterman out of the hole he’s in in Pennsyvlania?

That remains to be seen on Tuesday, but at this time, all signs point to an Oz victory. Fetterman completely butchered the debate with Oz, showing he’s not well enough to be in national politics.

In fact, Fetterman’s role as lieutenant-governor of Pennsylvania is definitely questionable, as well. This guy needs to be spending time with a speech pathologist, not policy advisors.

The Bottom Line

Is the Obama curse real? Maybe yes, maybe no. However, this was definitely one of the strangest things that’s ever happened in American politics!

If the Republicans do end up taking over Congress in a giant red wave, then watch for this clip to be played over and over. The timing is just too uncanny and the symbolism is too powerful.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.