The U.S. Embassy Continually Ignores Veteran Screaming for Assistance

A retired U.S. military officer in Pakistan alleged the U.S. Embassy hung up the phone while he was begging for help. The embassy also refused to let the veteran inside to talk with a state official.

The retired staff sergeant, an Afghan, said he went to Pakistan to help his family escape the Taliban. He proceeded to the embassy to ask for help for his family, Americans, green card holders, and Afghans with special immigration visas detained at the border.

The soldier, who goes under the moniker “Legend,” told Fox News he stood outside the U.S. Embassy and pled to be let in. He stated he called one number and got no response.

When the second line was answered, he identified himself as an American soldier in need of assistance. He indicated he couldn’t disclose sensitive facts over the phone. 

They hung up, the veteran told Fox News. Then, he kept calling, saying the same thing. When he left the location, he started crying.

The soldier, who had serious brain damage, told Fox News he felt stabbed in the back. Fox News safeguarded him and his family by granting him anonymity. The State Department informed Fox News they were aware of the claims, but couldn’t comment further, due to privacy concerns.

Terrorists and Extremists on the Border

The veteran stated the Taliban, ISIS-K, and al Qaeda were all near the Pakistani border, making escaping from Afghanistan difficult and risky. In reaction to the growing ISIS-K threat, the Taliban strengthened roadblocks.

They’re patting down everyone, the veteran said. He stated ISIS targets U.S. nationals, green card holders, and Afghan passport holders who wish to flee.

Moreover, the veteran claims Pakistani authorities would not let anyone from Afghanistan come into the country. As a result, Afghans are stranded at the border, unable to go back to places like Kabul.

Afghans with visas can pay border officers $300 to $700 per person, but they won’t get an entrance stamp. As a result, Afghans traveling 30 miles into Pakistan were detained and repatriated by Pakistani authorities.

The soldier informed Fox News they were returning the migrants to the Taliban, the same Taliban migrants fled from in the first place. Everyone trying to enter Pakistan begged the U.S. embassy to help.

He also slammed the State Department for boasting about supporting Afghan allies. They lied.

Desperate Need for Assistance

The veteran stated he assisted at least 30 Afghans, notably Christians and other minorities. After his appearance on Fox News, the veteran helped his family flee Afghanistan via another path.

However, he warned they would be returned to the Taliban if they didn’t get out within 28 days. They failed to exit through the Kabul airport during the U.S. airlift. In a statement, he faulted the Biden presidency for not evacuating Taliban targets.

The veteran said the people in Washington created this tremendous problem, and now they’re cowering behind their offices. He stated his only option was to appeal to the media for assistance. Finally, the veteran told Fox News he had done everything he could.

He asked everybody who could help him, his family, and all the other Americans, green card holders, and Afghan supporters to please do so.