The US Army is Forcing Women to Shower With Men

The US Army is full of brave men and women serving our nation and training to defend it. The focus should not be on gender or controversial political issues.

The military requires unity and cohesion, not division. Yet, the policies and focus under woke Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin have been the opposite.

Austin has been focused on the bogeyman of “white supremacy” and allowed the Pentagon to become a woke factory aimed at protecting people’s feelings.

The latest example out of the Army is hard to even believe: women will be required to shower with biological men who consider themselves female.

Soaping Up in Mixed Company

According to an exclusive report from Breitbart News of internal documents obtained from the US Army, transgender soldiers, including males who have not physically transitioned, will be permitted to use the locker rooms they feel most comfortable with and shower with whoever they wish.

Female soldiers no longer have the peace of mind to know they are showering with other biological women. They will be sharing the shower with biological men.

The memo from the Army says any soldiers who do not feel comfortable with the changes can talk about it with their ranking officer, but the message is clear: transgender individuals can do what they want.

This is not about respecting people of different identities. This is about forcing contentious social and political issues into the midst of our military.

While we should be fully oriented around facing the challenges of the future with China and global disorder, we’re instead back to the same completely unacceptable controversies that are affecting society more broadly.

Enough is enough; it’s been crossing the line for years now.

Where Are We Going With This?

The US Army is not a luxury vacation or some kind of resort. Conditions get tough and basic, especially in the field.

It’s completely understandable that the Army does not want to build separate shower or locker facilities for trans members. It’s also understandable that it does not want controversy about discrimination against trans soldiers.

The solution is completely obvious: simply adjust the shower schedule to have a time when those who identify as alternate genders can shower and those who identify as their born gender can shower.

Leave the issue off the table and stop inviting controversy and division into our armed forces.

It almost looks like some of our leadership is looking for division or drama in some way and that’s exactly what our adversaries want. We can’t afford it.

Picture This

Imagine the Founding Fathers looking at this debate. Firstly, they would have no idea what it even means; secondly, they would not know whether to laugh or cry.

This nation is in big trouble and it’s time to get very serious very fast.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.