The ‘Vaccine Administration’ Readies to Strike Again

With the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccination, the White House is facing yet another political struggle. Amid court actions over President Biden’s expansive public and private sector vaccine policies, the White House will undoubtedly meet similar opposition to the childhood vaccines.

This clashes with Republicans’ efforts to strengthen parents over teachers and school systems. Even while school districts have mandated other types of immunizations for several years, the anti-vax advocates will use schools as their next battlefield, as per political analyst John Pitney.

Immunizations for children may be even more misunderstood than adult vaccines.

Biden Praised the CDC’s Latest Advice

Biden lauded the CDC’s revised instructions, following the Food and Drug Administration’s urgent licensing of the COVID-19 vaccine for children. This means 28 million additional people are now qualified for vaccinations before Christmas.

He claimed many families have been anticipating this day, but understands some families may have concerns. So, trusted messengers (like pediatricians and family doctors) can address questions, remind parents about the need for vaccinations, and put minds at ease.

Pitney, a former Republican consultant, turned Claremont McKenna College politics lecturer, claimed “anti-vaxxers” have historically targeted schools. He predicted we’d hear the same language about critical race theory, but with a focus on parental supervision.


A recent poll indicated about 30% of families would vaccinate their children aged 5 to 11. “A third would “sit tight and watch.” Another third would not want to put their kids at risk, and 5% said they would only do so if their kids’ school required it.

Two-thirds of parents were anxious about unfounded threats to their children’s future reproductive health. Most parents feared their kids would be forced to roll up their sleeves, notwithstanding their objections.

The CDC release corresponds with Biden’s statement that multitudes of public and private sector employees must get immunizations by Jan. 4. Federal officials say the rules are “illegal and unjust,” according to 11 state attorneys generals.

Federal personnel and contractors, and employees of private companies employing 100 people or more, must be completely immunized or consent to weekly testing. However, many in the health industry can’t refuse to test.

Biden Still Claims the Vaccine Mandates Work

“Vaccine mandates work,” Biden and the White House said. However, aides have been cautious when it pertains to kids. Besides, the administration’s new travel guidelines, which begin on Monday, also target kids.

Under those guidelines, children under two years of age traveling with vaccinated adults only have to test negative for COVID-19 three days before entering the country.

Besides, Jeffrey Zients, the White House’s COVID task force director, gave his opinion on COVID-19 school vaccination requirements and outsourced them to state and local authorities.

He noted last month, school immunization regulations go back decades. COVID-19 school vaccine rules “will turn out differently around the country,” according to former CDC spokesperson Glen Nowak.

The University of Georgia Institute for Healthcare and Risk Assessment says it’s critical to keep politics out of COVID health choices. However, once you’ve gone down that road, it’s hard to go back up.