The Vice President is Continuing to Lose Her Staff

The Biden White House has been infamous for its varying levels of dysfunction. Last year, reports broke that staffers were having a hard time in the White House, especially with meeting the demands of the higher-ups.

Then, reports broke that large percentages of African-American workers with the Biden administration were leaving due to toxic work environments.

Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been accused of perpetrating these toxic atmospheres that workers ultimately don’t want to be a part of.

Less than halfway into this administration’s first two years, the dysfunction remains alive and well. This time, it comes in the form of Vice President Harris continuing to lose aides, as reported by Politico.

What to Know About Harris’ Shrinking Team

The latest staffers to depart from the vice president’s team include her speechwriter Meghan Groob and service assistant Rohini Kosoglu.

These departures are notable, due to the documented turnover rates that Harris has already experienced in a relatively short time period. On top of that, Groob didn’t even make six months working for the vice president before her decision to quit.

Throughout her time in office, Harris has struggled with keeping staff on board, but this especially applies to her communications team.

The high rates of turnover have many Americans questioning whether or not the vice president’s had a role in creating negative working environments that just aren’t a fit for most staffers.

Additional Theories Surrounding Mass Departures

In light of people fleeing the vice president’s team and the Biden White House in general, many theories are spreading.

Some people have suggested the departures deal less with Harris herself and more with not wanting to be associated with a failing administration.

People with this outlook maintain that White House staffers have their own future careers to consider and worry about being attached to a president that’s historically unpopular.

Harris, in the popularity department, has actually seen her numbers fall slightly lower than Biden’s. All in all, the major turnover rates could be due to one of the reasons mentioned above or even a blend of them all.

Either way, the continuous hemorrhaging of staff isn’t a good look for the vice president or others within the administration.

The White House, meanwhile, continues to show that it has little interest in drawing attention to the turnover rates it’s currently experiencing. The entire situation doesn’t reflect well on an administration that’s already struggling with approval ratings.

What do you think is causing so many aides to leave the team of the vice president and the White House at large? How do you believe the Biden administration will try to spin these departures? Please feel free to share with us in the comments area.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.