The White House Denies Distributing Crack Pipes

In response to widespread opposition against a drug harm minimization program being put in place by HHS, the White House announced the federal government will not disperse crack pipes.

On Wednesday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki stated crack pipes were never included in the package of materials. 

Completely Ludicrous

Republican Senators Marco Rubio of Florida and Tom Cotton of Arkansas recently said they don’t like the program. 

On Tuesday, Rubio tweeted that Biden was “sending free meth and crack pipes to marginalized communities in the name of racial equity.” “There appears to be no end in sight to this craziness,” says the senator.

According to HHS, Cotton stated in a Twitter post, “the Biden administration is funding crack pipe distribution. Damage reduction is the term used. The rest of us call it craziness.”

As disclosed by HHS spokesperson Sarah Lovenheim, these aspects of the reports were reportedly inaccurate.

Nonprofit organizations and local governments were eligible to apply for funds under the $30 million program, which ended on Monday. Syringes and “safe smoking kits/supplies” are two of the items covered by the grant.

The Washington Free Beacon reported the kits will enable users to smoke crack cocaine, crystal meth, and other illicit substances. The Department of Health and Human Services later stated the report was “blatantly misleading information.”

This week, Washington Examiner inquired about the program with the Department of Health and Human Services, but has not received a response.

The Harm Reduction Initiative

The “harm reduction” grant program is funded by the American Rescue Plan, which the Senate passed on a party-line vote when Vice President Kamala Harris broke the tie.

Syringes, immunizations, illness tests, condoms, and fentanyl strips are eligible for payment. The three-year initiative will award 25 grants totaling $400,000.

An HHS spokesperson declined to say what the smoking kits include. Similarly, mouthpieces prevent glass cuts; rubber bands avoid burns and filters reduce illness risk.

A question about the initiative prompted Psaki to comment.

According to her, the secure smoking kits may possess a single alcohol swab, lip balm, and “other products to enhance cleanliness and decrease the transmission of illnesses, such as HIV and hepatitis.”

“It’s important to emphasize what we’re truly talking about here are efforts we’re taking as a federal government to combat the opioid crisis,” Psaki added.

Providing services to underserved communities, such as racial, ethnic, sexual, and gender minority groups, is one of the top concerns for beneficiaries. This is in line with an executive order made by President Biden shortly after taking office.

The initiative also includes the provision of fentanyl test strips and needles to those who need them. “We do not support federal money for crack pipes, whether it is done directly or indirectly,” Psaki stated in her statement.