Third-Graders Hospitalized From Consuming Cannabis Sweets at School

Last week, three pupils in third grade at an elementary school in California were taken to the hospital.

This happened after one of their classmates mistakenly shared cannabis-infused sweets with the rest of the class, assuming they were candy. 

Per the Times-Standard, the pupils at Jacoby Creek School were taken to the hospital on Thursday after consuming the cannabis treats and displaying symptoms of impairment at school.

This prompted the administration to remove them from the premises. The county of Humboldt, which is well-known for the production of cannabis, is home to the institution.

Incident and Statement From Principal

Melanie Nannizzi, the principal of Jacoby Creek Elementary School, stated in an email to parents: “This was a terrifying experience for our entire school community.” 

Jacoby Creek originally called the fire department. It had the classroom evacuated because they were concerned the pupils impacted may have been sensitive to carbon monoxide intake.

Following the discovery by the school that pupils accidentally consumed cannabis-infused gummies, the remaining students in the class were allowed to return. 

Nannizzi told the Times-Standard that all three of the pupils have been discharged from the hospital and “are doing great.” 

The Arcata Police Department has reason to suspect one of the kids brought the cannabis-infused gummies from home without realizing the product contained cannabis.

The investigation into how the youngster obtained the gummies continues. Authorities warned parents to store edible cannabis items in a secure location away from the reach of minors. 


An officer from the Arcata Police Department was quoted as saying, “It’s just a polite reminder to kindly store these in a safe position away from youngsters because, clearly, they come in candy form.” 

According to information previously reported by The Daily Wire, a study published in the journal, Drug and Alcohol Dependence, last month issued a warning.

This warning says the branding of some cannabis edibles appears to be nearly identical to the packaging of name-brand sweets and nibbles like Cheetos Melted Cheese chips. 

According to CNN, the only thing that differentiates some packages from others is a label on the bottom of the bag that reads “THC.”

This refers to tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive component of marijuana that causes users to feel high.

Children should avoid consuming THC because of the risks involved, which is why “copycat packaging” is such an issue. 

Per New York Attorney General Letitia James, more than 2,500 complaints to poison control were connected to “small children consuming illegal cannabis products” during the first six months of 2021. 

In the latter part of that year, James released a consumer notice in order to warn the general public and protect kids from unlawful cannabis items with the appearance of sweets.

According to a report by CNN, beginning in 2020, a number of youngsters under the age of five have been admitted to hospitals after eating consumables from bags that resembled candy or chips.