THIS MEANS WAR: Russians Execute British Soldiers

The Russia-backed Donetsk People’s Republic condemned two Britons and a Moroccan seized fighting alongside Ukrainian forces to execution.

This is Shocking

Aiden Aslin, 27, and Shaun Pinner, 48, were condemned to death for “violently trying to topple the government of the Eastern Ukraine People’s Republic,” according to Russian state-run media.

Moroccan citizen Saadun Brahim was also sentenced to death for “violently trying to overthrow the regime of the Donetsk People’s Republic.”

They were found guilty of being mercs and “terrorist acts, committing a felony as part of the criminal group, and holding a coercive coup attempt of forcible retainment of power.”

These are fees they pled responsible to in what is highly improbable to have been a fair trial. It will last only a few days, according to Britain’s left-wing Guardian daily paper.

“The Russian authorities had also chosen to create an example out of these two British nationals, and I believe it is totally disgraceful,” said Robert Jenrick MP, a Conservative Party political figure who reflects Aslin’s home electoral base in Parliament.

Jenrick expressed optimism that the Brits’ release may be accomplished “in the near future” through a prisoner exchange, which Aslin and Pinner sought in recordings provided by their abductors in April.

Jenrick’s party member Liz Truss, the Boris Johnson government’s Secretary of State for Foreign, Community, and Development Affairs may come under fire as a result of the event.

She contentiously advocated Britons fighting Russians in Ukraine on television in February.

“The people of The UK are battling for democracy and freedom, not only for Ukraine, but for Europe as a whole, because it’s what President Putin is challenging,” Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson told the BBC at the time of the war.

“Of course, if people want to join that battle, I would encourage them to do so,” she continued.

UK Government Will Punish Those Who Go

Downing Street, the Prime Minister’s official home, quickly shot this down, emphasizing that journeys to Ukraine were not recommended.

Truss’ own individual department’s webpage alerted, “travel to eastern Ukraine to fight, or to help others involved in the conflict, may amount to offenses against UK terrorist attacks or other legislative action.”

“You’d be prosecuted on your come back to the UK.”

The British government issued a warning to combat personnel not to take part in the combat in Ukraine, stating any serving forces who travel there will be court-martialed upon their return.

Veteran Minister Leo Docherty spoke to British military organizations, encouraging ex-soldiers to donate and serve in the UK to help the Ukrainian population.

“Veterans always rise up in times of need,” he said here on Friday, “but they must funnel their talents, expertise, and enthusiasm into lawful channels of assistance for Ukraine, rather than joining in the battle.”


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