Tiffany Smiley Slams ‘Soft-on-Crime’ Democrat Patty Murray

Republican Tiffany Smiley ripped into Democrat Patty Murry’s “out-of-touch” attitude regarding Washington and the challenges in her state during a discussion with Breitbart News on Saturday.

“Slap in the Face”

Murray’s actions are “simply a smack in the face to the citizens of Washington State who have been forced to bear her soft-on-crime, poor policies impacting our daily lives,” Smiley remarked.

Smiley noted the appallingly low person-to-police officer ratios as evidence that inadequate policing is a significant issue in Washington. “We have the fewest police officers per 1,000 people when measured per capita,” she remarked.

She said, “Seattle recently experienced one of its worst months: 11 homicides, not counting violent crime. You may see fentanyl on our streets and in the homeless camps. What we are enabling people to live in is inhumane.”

Smiley is in favor of using federal money for police officer recruitment and retention incentives in order to address the lack of policing.

On the other side, Murray “discusses progressive Democrats. She is battling for that,” Smiley added.

“That’s who she’s identifying with, you see, and then she gets back here and attempts to appear like there’s no crime here — that everything’s perfect,” a source said.

Residents Are Concerned

According to Smiley, residents of Washington are “concerned about the growing cost of living and rising petrol prices.”

“They had concerns about crime and education. They were concerned fentanyl will murder our children both in our schools and on the streets.”

Because young people are overdosing on fentanyl at increasing rates, certain counties in Washington have proclaimed public health emergencies in reaction to the epidemic.

Despite standing on the education platform during her 30-year term as a senator, Murray was “an advocate of school closures” during the epidemic.

She advocated for mandates and the idea that politicians should make decisions for parents, rather than letting them make their choices.

She later doubled down and essentially said she had no regrets since she “followed the research” and “did what was best,” according to Smiley. Any caregiver in Washington State is aware of the harm and cruelty done to our youngsters, she added.

By stating “we need to reduce the misconception that college is for everyone,” Smiley also aims to increase educational and employment opportunities for Americans.

In light of the fact “there are various roads to the American dream,” the Washington Republican is urging educators to introduce pupils to trades.

She added, “We definitely need to prohibit the federal government from ever wiping away someone’s student loans. There is no justification for requiring an electrician, plumber, or hairstylist to repay a doctor’s or attorney’s student loans.”

“People are sick and weary of Sen. Murray’s use of terror and fear-mongering to divide and rule,” according to Smiley.

According to recent polling, the Washington Senate race is tight and might end up being a surprise battlefield in November.

This article appeared in Powerhouse News and has been published here with permission.