Top Corporations Now Cover Out-of-State Abortion Expenses For Their Employees

Many woke corporations have stepped forward to cover medical and travel expenses for their employees pursuing out-of-state abortions.

Despite the Supreme Court’s historic verdict in the Roe v. Wade case, this shows the left-leaning inclinations of top corporations, which has previously landed them in trouble.

Woke Corporations are on a Roll Again

Some of the companies which extended their support to finance abortions of their employees include the following:

Alaska Airlines, Amalgamated Bank, Amazon, Tesla, Airbnb, Apple, Bloomberg, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Gucci, HP, GoDaddy, Microsoft, Uber, Disney, and Starbucks.

According to the Senior Vice President of Alaska Airlines, Andy Schneider, his company will provide “reimbursing travel” for “certain medical procedures” if they are not provided in the home state of the employee.

Schneider also noted the Supreme Court verdict would not change the company’s policy.

Similarly, the CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods, Lauren Hobart, asserted all of her teammates would get equal medical benefits, irrespective of the state in which they live. 

Dick’s Sporting Goods is planning to give up to $4,000 of travel expenses to those employees who do not have legal access to abortion in their states.

Hobart added abortion allowance would be extended to spouses of the employees or any dependent who can also move out of the state with one supporting person.

Furthermore, America’s largest bank, JP Morgan Chase & Co., already issued a staff memo earlier this month, mentioning the bank will finance the medical procedures. This will include “legal abortions” that are not provided in the home state of employees.

Last month, Starbucks acting executive Vice President Sara Kelly also established the company would reimburse travel expenses for abortion and gender-affirming procedures if the medical centers are present beyond 100 miles of the employee’s residence.

Microsoft likewise jumped the bandwagon, noting it will extend its support for critical health facilities, including gender-affirming and abortion ones, for its employees, regardless of their state.

Correspondingly, Airbnb also told Fox News it would ensure its employees “have the resources” to make choices about their reproductive health.

In addition to that, Apple’s spokesperson said the company always stood to cover out-of-state medical expenses of its workers; the same will be the case with abortion.

Trouble Awaits for Liberal Companies

Though these left-leaning policies of corporate giants can once again push them into troubled waters. Previously, Florida’s conservative governor sanctioned Disney for taking sides on gender-related legislation.

Various studies already established that companies, nowadays, are hijacked by progressive employees who lobby to force their ideology on businesses. This urges the companies to bow down to the highly emotional workforce.

Meanwhile, some liberal corporations are also trying to monopolize the smartphone health apps market in the wake of the Supreme Court decision.

They are propagating conspiracies that the government can use the data of already existing apps to track menstrual cycles of women in order to know who performed an illegal abortion.

This way, people are likely to uninstall the existing apps, paving the way for new businesses.