Trouble Looms Everywhere Biden Finds Himself

In ancient times, it was considered standard practice when leaders intended to journey to farther destinations, they first put their homes in order.

That was ancient times, but Americans expected the same to happen with President Biden before he made his second trip to reinstate America as a foremost nation in the world. 

First, President Biden could not have a consensus with his Democrat Party members, concerning social welfare and the spending bill.

The widespread impression Americans have about Biden’s trip abroad is he’s gone to convince leaders of the world to take impactful, environmental actions. However, he has not been able to make that sort of decision back home in America. 

Non-Acceptance of Spending Bill Causing Biden Problems

One of the core arguments against Joe Biden (as he journeyed to Italy and the United Kingdom for the G-20 and United Nations climate change summit) was he didn’t find a way to make his spending bill acceptable by Congress before he went ahead to the summit.

Last week, Biden found himself in a close call with his party members, as he tried to pitch an update about his social welfare and climate spending package. While at it, he reduced his budget from a whopping $3.5 trillion to $1.75 trillion. 

The Senate later approved $1.2 trillion for a bipartisan infrastructural deal. However, leftist lawmakers refuse to back this new development because they seek the concessions of centrist Senators Manchin and Sinema.  

Just recently, Biden made his second appearance before Capitol Hill; there were a lot of postulations that his deal-making and foreign policy skills would help him win the day.

It was, however, disappointing that Biden couldn’t close his home deal with Congress before traveling abroad to have the more challenging conversations with other world leaders. 

What’s The Holdup with Biden’s Social Welfare and Spending Bill?

Anyone familiar with the American political terrain would know who Lyndon Johnson is. From being a majority leader in the Senate to vice president and then president, it wouldn’t amount to a play on words to say Johnson understands the workings of the American Congress. 

In contrast, Biden might be a leader, but he seems not to understand how the American Senate works. This is the reason why he is failing at being able to have a concession on his spending bill.

Also, it is somewhat unclear what the cause of the disparity is between Biden and members of his party. In recent news, Pelosi admonished liberal lawmakers regarding helping with clearing Biden’s infrastructural deal.

The infrastructural deal was meant to be discussed on the House floor last month, but this never happened. This makes it unclear whether the party members’ disparity against Biden is the deal, or if they deliberately want to embarrass him.